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Mr. Bungle was Steef's choice and I went along with it. Mop it Up, as I said several times before, knew I was the vote manipulator before day 4 and I was still alive so we were inclined to believe her. I had a small doubt about Mr. Bungle because he'd apparently told Steef that he was the vigilante but never came to me about it but since nobody else came forward claiming to be the vigilante I chose to stay silent on the matter because he apparently didn't want Mop it Up to know about it.

I was also under the impression that it would be announced if the Dark Moon Crystal had changed hands. I'm pretty sure that's how it was handled in the Metroid game as well.

It's also just hard to be a judge of character when half the players are inactive but whatever. It's a game. There's no use getting mad at eachother over it.

Technically Steefosaurus was the one who let Mr. Bungle in.

Honestly, I'm just happy some of the mafia players were actually active players. That would have stunk if the game was won by inactivity.

I find 9 or 10 to be the sweet spot.

Conveniently Project Winter maxes out at 8 players.

Now don't everyone talk in here at once. I can barely hear myself think.

There's another game called Project Winter that looks interesting if we aren't able to get a large enough group for among us to really shine.

I suppose counting interest I owe 3 Luigidude votes. If only there were some way I could create an additional two Luigidude votes. Oh wait, I can.

The fact that you're primarily getting more retro games with the service shows that Nintendo sees this service as a subscription service for retro games primarily and that's fine and dandy but they don't support it well enough for it to succeed on that front so there seems to be some kind of disconnect between what we see the service as and what they see it as.

I do owe Nickmitch a Luigidude vote so I'm going to vote Luigidude for now, get some rest, and hopefully find a way to salvage this.

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread (Switch) Review
« on: October 15, 2021, 01:16:42 PM »
How dare John have an opinion on a game I disagree with. I'm going to leave a mean comment in the Talkback thread. That will show him.

I'm going to file the addition of ordinances pretty firmly under the category of "**** that should have been in the base game."

Still. It will be nice to have my Switch's clock not be two hours behind because of this one game.

The N64 controller essentially has the button layout of a 6 button Genesis controller so I see absolutely no reason to get both.

As someone who doesn't own many N64 games, this is still not a bad deal.

Let's vote Stevey for now, just for Vedetta's sake. As I mentioned I already changed his vote against me to a vote against himself.

Both vote outs were averted by the Doctor though. Presumably the dark moon is still in the same place where it started.

They're purr-obably after the Dark Moon.

I cannot wait to troll enhance the listening experience.

Oh and check your DMs.

Fair enough then. Who else do we have to go after? Stevey's sudden return from inactivity sure is interesting. I guess I'll turn my powers on him. Get that vote away from me.

Oh and you might want to drop that vote against yourself.

I will even do you a favor and vote myself out so you don't have to waste your power.

Vote BeautifulShy
I'm only wasting it now because you changed your vote in what is possibly an attempt to prevent me from publicly verifying myself as the vote changer. It won't work. I have another vote change in reserve and I can easily change the first one since it isn't live yet.

That's the thing. I'm not entirely convinced you are a normal townie. A pivotal part of your argument against me yesterday was my actions on day 1, where I went from a blatant meme vote against Stevey, which you of all people should know is not serious because you were the host of the game that led to my vedetta against him in the first place, to a vote to not kill someone off because day 1 bandwagons can easily turn into a free kill for the mafia.

And then you are arguing that I dared to cast a vote against Lolmonade when I was acting largely in self defense during the third day's vote. IDK if I want to actively vote against you but you can consider the changed vote a warning that you are walking on very thin ice.

One other thing pokepal if you are the vote manipulator then you could of at least messaged us instead of taking out one of the townie to prove a point.

I have not received any PMs from you yet on a plan or anything.  Honestly aside from one person who wanted to create a townie alliance and someone yesterday that thought I was saying something with my vote post that I was not and having to correct them. Nobody has messaged me this game.
Funilly enough, I don't particularly trust you considering the last time I allied with you was the Zelda game which ended with you getting me voted out in a bout of paranoia. Granted I was mafia that round but your whole argument basically boiled down to the fact that I was the only member of your alliance who had survived that long which is incredibly flimsy, so I didn't particularly feel like reaching out to you, especially when I have a townie power role that could be a devastating loss to the town.

Purrfect. Let's make some magic happen.

I am the vote manipulator. Despite BeautifulShy's shaky at best arguments against me I am a townie ally and I can prove it. I shall now have BeautifulShy's vote changed to a vote against herself. I'll be changing Stevey's vote to a vote against himself.

I'll need doctor protections for obvious reasons.

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