Author Topic: Nintendo Removing Free DLC on Wii, DS When Wi-Fi Connection Shuts Down  (Read 644 times)

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Hurry up and download your Layton puzzles! We have confirmation it's all going away.

In case there was any doubt, all free content in Wii and DS games will be going away when the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shuts down on May 20. However, anything you paid for will still be able to be downloaded.

Amid some confusion regarding what DLC is going to be available, a Nintendo representative told us that free content, such as Picross 3D puzzles and Dragon Quest IX quests will no longer be available.

“The bonus Layton puzzles and such will no longer be available. So you need to get them before the service shuts down,” a Nintendo representative confirmed to us. "Paid stuff will still be available, though (Wii Shop Channel, etc.).”

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Yup, I've been scrambling to get the DS Laytons and Picross 3D since the news hit. Other noteworthy games include Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (all three DS ones), Picross DS, and WarioWare D.I.Y. There's also Dragon Quest IX with its weekly quests, though you can (apparently) get those otherwise by locally connecting to a copy that already downloaded them.

One I'm not sure of is GTA: Chinatown Wars. Are there any special Wi-Fi-only missions to be worried about, or is it mostly costumes and stuff?

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I should boot up my Jam With the Band cart and load some songs i guess...
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This is a part of why I'm bummed about the Wi-Fi shutdown since I'll be missing out on some of this sort of content. Guess I better at least hurry up and open my copy of Dragon Quest IX.