Author Topic: Nintendo Announces Boxboy Sequel Coming To North America As BOXBOXBOY  (Read 1463 times)

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Because it's twice the box.

The further adventures of Boxboy (or Boxgirl) are coming to North America.

Nintendo's Facebook has confirmed in today's Treehouse Live advertisement that Boxboy: Another Box will be released as BOXBOXBOY. No release date was given, but the game will be shown on today's Treehouse Live.

As well, Nintendo's schedule is promising that the new RPG game will be shown at 1:50 Eastern / 10:50 Pacific and it is a "action/adventure/RPG".


BOXBOXBOY will release in both North America and Europe on June 30 and can be preloaded now in North America, while the original game is now on sale for $2.99 US/C.

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Tutorial box out.

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Day 1!
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YES!!!!!!!!! Pocket Card Jockey just got a GOTY challenger.
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I wasn't as big a fan of the first game as many other people were, but it was still a really good game and well worth full price. It's an easy call at $3 for anyone who doesn't have it yet. It's actually kinda ridiculous when you think about how much content there is in the game.

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Look!  The name has "XBOX" in the middle of it!  Could Perm's MS/Nintendo team up conspiracy theory be true? :)

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Excellent news! Now we just need an announcement for Picross 3D 3D.
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