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Darkblack Interview at Nintendo Europe
« on: August 29, 2002, 12:56:03 PM »
Nintendo Europe catches up with the Developers of the first-person horror game, Asylum.

With horror games such as Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness hitting the Cube, it's only natural that more developers will be bringing more to the genre in the coming years. UK Developer Darkblack is creating a first-person shooter called Asylum, which puts you in the role of one of four contestants locked away in a haunted asylum.  

So far, it's sounding like quite a interesting game, with lots of chills to be had. Here's a few brief excerpts from the interview:

How will Asylum succeed in being spine-shiveringly scary? First off, we're taking the normal third-person view and shifting it to a first-person perspective, so you'll experience a deeper immersion in the horrors that surround you. Secondly, we're creating an atmosphere that's second-to-none - it invades your senses with every step you take. We work on this game every day and it still scares the living daylights out of us.

What's this 'RagDoll' system that Asylum uses? RagDoll basically makes game characters react as they would do in real life. When the player wounds a zombie, he will fly off his feet, limbs flailing as he goes, and when he hits the ground he will tumble, twist and bend realistically (depending on how much force was applied). Limbs may well fly off as well!

What weapons will we wield in Asylum? They range from scythes and chainsaws to surgical equipment. Some of these will have to be pieced together as you go, adding a nice twist to the gameplay.

Click the link above for the rest of the interview!