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Such a stupid change.  It's one thing to have a problem with loot boxes that take from people's real money, but nobody is being hurt in something like Pokemon's Game Corner that's uses in-game money that's not harming anyone in real life.

General Gaming / Re: Backlaugust 2021: Round 2: Electric Boogaloo
« on: September 01, 2021, 11:53:37 PM »
I'm just waiting for Luigi Dude to show up in the next day or two and post about how he's completed a whole bunch of older games like the Mega Man series via anniversary collections.

I actually played both Mega Man Classic Collections back in April, of course they wouldn't have counted anyway since I've already beaten all 10 of those games.  But your predictions isn't too far from what I tried to do.  My plan was to play R-Type 1+2 on the R-Type Dimensions for Switch and then play all the Gradius game on the Konami Arcade Collection.  R-Type 1 in particular I've been trying to beat since I first played the TurboGrafx version on the Wii Virtual Console back in 2007 but I not been able too.

Sadly, I've spent the last 2 weeks on just R-Type 1 and still haven't been able to beat it.  Now I could just the Infinite setting on Dimensions which would respawn my ship after I die so I could just brute force my way, but that's the easy way out.  I need to beat it on the Classic setting for me to finally be satisfied.  Now yesterday I almost came close, but made a stupid mistake on the second to last level and was too tired to continue.

For the entire month I did complete two games earlier in it that were on my Switch backlog.

Cosmic Star Heroine

Was a fun indie RPG that's a nice call back to 16-bit games like Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star.  The battle system was pretty engaging and I liked the setting.  The story was pretty generic and the character not very deep, but for an RPG that took less then 20 hours to 100%, I didn't mind.  Of course I think the developers ran out money toward the end since the last planet you visit is noticeably shorter then the previous ones.  The gameplay also kind of falls about since they give you 2 ridiculously over powered characters, and the main characters gains some abilities that are completely broken around this time as well.  Outside of the optional Hard dungeon, (which I really enjoyed since it was fun figuring out how to make the most overpowered attacks I could to beat the super strong enemies), the rest was a cakewalk after this point.  Still, as a throwback to older RPG's, the overall game was pretty fun.

Onimusha Remastered

I remember back in High School a friend of mine telling me this series was like Resident Evil except with Demons, and now I see why.  I tried to like the old school Resident Evil games back then but just couldn't because of the tank controls.  That's one of the reasons I loved Resident Evil 4 so much because the changes to the controls finally made the series playable to me.  The first Onimusha for the PS2 had those pre-RE4 tank controls, which I didn't like but the Remaster that I played on Switch does let you use analog controls so the game was instantly more playable.  Of course the problem is the analog controls completely broke the difficulty so the overall game ended up being pretty easy.  Still I enjoyed the setting and atmosphere so it was an overall enjoyable experience.

Of course what the **** was up with that water puzzle?  The remaster could have at least put a checkpoint right before that, or at the very least give the ability to skip cutscenes.  Almost stopped playing because of how BS that part of the game was.

So overall not a lot of backlog cleared, but part of that is because I was playing Blaster Master Zero 3 at the beginning of the month which was a new game, and my Captain Ahab obsession with finally completely R-Type 1 and total failure to do so during these last 2 weeks.  Of course trying to beat R-Type 1 has caused me to finally change my sleep cycle to get more sleep at night since anything less then 8 hours and I can't even get halfway through since my reaction time is so dulled.  Hopefully if I can make myself physically healthier, I'll finally beat this game and will be able to beat other harder games a lot quicker as well.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: August 14, 2021, 12:53:35 AM »
It should be noted that this is the first time since 1988 that the entire Top 30 has been from one system.  That was with the Famicom which is the last time Nintendo also only had one system.  Of course this fact will probably lose important soon when every week starts looking like this. 

We used to joke all the time about Japan being Nintendo Land during the Wii/DS era, but Sony still had a strong presence with the PSP during that time.  Technically, now Japan is officially Nintendo Land.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: July 30, 2021, 12:22:01 AM »
So let's say that the Switch "owns" the majority of the Japan console market for the next couple years, minus a couple PS5 diehards due to unique offerings on Sony's platform. How useful is that to Nintendo is terms of garnering third-party dev support?

As we already see, very useful.  Nintendo pretty much gets majority of niche and more Japan focused third party titles now and that will just continue.  The only exclusives Sony has are the games trying to be Hollywood AAA titles that are aimed more at the West.

This is why we've seen a major shift these last few years that wont change since third parties that cant afford to make a Western AAA style game have to make games for Switch since Sony literally left Japan and the Switch is the only viable system over there.

Even as someone who really enjoys the obscure picks each update, this selection is pretty bad.  We've probably reached the bottom of the barrel for games Nintendo has currently licensed for the NES and SNES.  Wouldn't be surprised if new systems are going to be added in September.

TalkBack / Re: Quality of Life Updates Announced for Skyward Sword
« on: July 02, 2021, 09:57:03 AM »
As someone who liked Skyward Sword, they've fixed my biggest issues with the game.  Fi no longer interrupting and being able to speed up the dialogue will make replays so much nicer.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch Wishlist Game Recommendations
« on: July 01, 2021, 12:47:48 AM »
However, I did list the game in the Intrigued But Undecided portion as I felt my possible purchase of it would depend more on my getting around to playing more of the first Hyrule Warriors on Wii U. I started it up one evening because my cousin had played some of the Dynasty Warrior games and liked Zelda and wanted to see what the game was like. It was an ok experience. It didn't grip me in that I kept playing it. It also felt kind of simple or easy. Yet, bashing up a large group of enemies was a kind of satisfying so I didn't regret my time sampling it. I've thought about returning to it a few times but keep putting it off and selecting other games to play instead.

If I do get around to playing it and find I'm getting bored as it goes on or just not loving it then I'll likely end up crossing Age of Calamity off this list. However, I'll admit that I'd actually already forgotten this game existed until E3 which illustrates to me how quickly it fell out of the gaming conversation and clearly didn't capture my imagination that much. With your additional criticism of it, I'm thinking I'll move this into that bottom section now. Hyrule Warriors will really have to make an impact for me to keep it on the list.

I would say Age of Calamity is a much better game then Hyrule Warriors.  Age of Calamity does a better job of changing up the gameplay thanks to the rune abilities and has a better variety of boss fights.  It's also a faster paced game since most levels revolve around just finding and killing bosses so you don't need to spend longer periods of time killing fodder as often as Hyrule Warriors required.  The original Hyrule Warriors lasted about 30 hours before I put it down while Age of Calamity held my interest for over 50 hours.  So even if Hyrule Warriors doesn't impress you, Age of Calamity might still be worth a look since it does improve on Hyrule Warriors flaws.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: June 21, 2021, 09:22:32 PM »
I’m thinking lifetime 3ds sales is next on their list.

At the current rate, it should reach that by the start of Spring.

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« on: June 16, 2021, 01:11:12 AM »
I don't know the development history of Mirror of Fate, but the idea of tilting the focus of a 2D 'troidvan toward slower-paced combat was fundamentally unsound, and that ethos appeared to carry over to Samus Returns. Really hoping it's toned down for Dread.

My issue with the melee junk in Metroid is similar to my disdain for it in the Resident Evil series. These are infected monsters, you shouldn't be touching them! In Metroid's case, Samus's arm is a gun! It's all about shooting these creatures from a distance, no reason to migrate it toward the many close-quarters 'troid-likes out there.

As Adrock said, the counter in Samus Returns is only required at the beginning.  Once you get the Ice Beam which is pretty early, the game pretty much becomes like the other Metriod's.  After that point the Counter becomes an optional way to beat Metriod fights quicker, but it's never a requirement in any of the fights.  It's really the first 20% of the game that's somewhat slower paced but the remaining 80% is just as fast paced as the other 2D Metriods. 

Not saying you're going to love the game but your experience with Mirror of Fate isn't really a fair comparison to what they've done with Metriod.  Samus Returns was much closer in feel to the older 2D Metriod's then Mirror of Fate was to the IGA-vania games.

Of course we've already been shown that you can counter while running in Metroid Dread, so the developers have fixed the issue people had with it slowing down gameplay.  Samus also has the ability to slide while running as well, which is looking to make this the fastest Metriod gameplay wise.  So Dread is already looking to be the opposite of what you hated about Mirror of Fate.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Nintendo E3 Direct announcements
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:27:56 PM »
Metriod Dread is the biggest.  I'm also looking forward to Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania and Wario Ware.  Breath of the Wild 2 will be great but that's probably November 2022 at the earliest now.

I would say the fact a new Kirby wasn't shown makes me excited for the next game.  Star Allies was over 3 years ago so this is the longest we've gone without a new Kirby mainline game since Return to Dreamland came out.  So maybe HAL actually is working on a 3D Kirby this time.

Also the rumored Toyko EAD developed Donkey Kong that a lot of leakers have been talking about the last month wasn't shown either.  I wonder if that game is actually real or if this is another Star Fox Grand Prix situation.

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:01:29 PM »
This will probably be my GOTY.  I loved Samus Returns and this game not having to be a somewhat faithful remake of a 25 year old GB game should make it a better experience since they can be more creative this time.  The footage they've been showing during Treehouse also shows the controls are even better since you can do things like use the counter while running now so the overall gameplay is faster as well.

I just hope they don't lock the art gallery, sound test and hardest difficulty behind Amiibos this time.  That was still the scummiest thing Nintendo has done with Amiibos to this day.

TalkBack / Re: Sequel To Breath Of The Wild Coming In 2022
« on: June 15, 2021, 04:50:43 PM »
What I loved about Breath of the Wild was the big wide open world to explore.  Exploration is my favourite element of Zelda games and that was like the whole point of that game.

One thing I really did not like about Skyward Sword was how the world was broken up into chunks.  If you're going to do that you might as well have separate levels like I'm playing Mario Galaxy.

So those elements seem completely contradictory.  How do you have the exploration gameplay of Breath of the Wild if you're using Skyward Sword's bite size chunks?  I'm still excited about Breath of the Wild 2 but this is the first thing announced about it that makes me slightly concerned.

Skyward Sword is pretty crappy in a lot of ways and Nintendo has incredibly poor self-awareness if they're going to mine it for ideas.  If Fi showed up in that trailer it would have blown up the internet, in the bad way.

You do realize there can still be giant islands in the Sky?  Hyrule Castle in the first game was huge and filled with tons of secrets to discover and the trailer literally shows that place rising to the sky.  Out of all the things to worry about, lack of exploration is going to be the least.  Especially when this trailer and the one from 2019 do make it look like there's an underground of some kind to explore as well.

I really need to buy the first game.  It's on sale so many times I keep telling myself I'll just wait til the next time and focus on the games that might not be on sale for awhile.  Well now it's been a few years so I should finally just do it.

For this new game I like that it looks to be incorporating Galaxy elements and looks like Ubisoft has been allowed to make a new villain and Rabbid companion.  I'm guessing with how successful the first game was Nintendo is letting Ubisoft have more freedom which should be interesting to see what they do.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Run the Developer 2: PlatinumGames
« on: June 10, 2021, 09:58:26 PM »
I actually own all the games listed except for Astral Chains, but I do plan on buying that one eventually when it's on sale.

Madworld:  It's an ok title but was not worth for full price I paid for it back in 2009.  The boss fights were fun but the normal combat got pretty repetitive after a while.

Infinite Space:  I own the game but still need to play it one of these days.

Bayonetta:  I'd say this is their best game I've played.  Lots of gameplay and enemy variety with a pretty deep combat system and amazing boss fights.

Bayonetta 2: Overall it is still a great game and I still loved it enough to 100%, but the combat is a step down from the first game.  This game pretty much requires you to use Witch Time and Umbran Climax to take down enemies, while the first game gave you a lot more options.  This made the 1st Bayo way more fun to replay, especially on the hardest settings.  Also the lack of Kamiya really shows since the end of the game doesn't even try to top what he did in the first game.  Say what you will about the man but he knows how to end his games and would not have allowed that sorry excuse for a final boss that Bayo 2 did.

The Wonderful 101:  This games had amazing highs but is way too bloated.  For one there's way too many shooting sections that are only used once and never again.  The problem is many of these sections are not very good and go on longer then they have any right too.  In Bayonetta there was at least some restraint where it was only 2 sections in the whole game, but here it's like every other part has to have at least one of these things.  Now the normal combat sections that make up the majority of the game are good, but even those go on way too long at times as well.

Of course speaking of the combat, the game has an amazing combat system that's the deepest I've ever played in an action game, but the game itself doesn't even remotely tell you how to properly use it.  My first time through the game was an awkward mess that I only kept going because of the amazing set pieces.  After I beat the game I then looked up some Youtube video's because I wanted to see how it was even possible to fight some of these bosses without taking damage and saw things being done that I didn't even know were possible.  I then replayed it on Hard mode and had a much better time and really loved it after that, but good God that is a terrible way to make people get good at your game.  It's like Kamiya made a game for himself and forgot to tell everyone else how to play it.

Getting these issues out of the way though, when the game is good though, it becomes HOLY **** INCREDIBLE.  The boss fights in particular once you've fully learn the combat system are literally the best in gaming.  The amount of depth and variety put into these is just mind blowing.  The final level in particular lives up to the hype and is literally the most epic ending to a game ever.  I said earlier the Bayonetta 1 is their best game, which I agree because it's the most balanced all the way through, but the highs in The Wonderful 101 completely destroy the highs of that game and literally most other games in general.  The only problem is all the bloat and filler, combined with so many not so fun shooting sections bring down the overall experience.

Star Fox Zero:  It's a decent remake of Star Fox 64 and I liked the controls for the most part, but they did get kind of annoying with some of the more challenging sections.  Also kind of annoying the amount of content they end up reusing at the end.  Star Fox 64 is still the better game to play since it's controls are better, has better variety of levels and more fun to replay in general.

Star Fox Guard:  Own it but still need to play it.

So overall I enjoy the games Platinum puts out.  This is why I still plan on buying Astral Chains in the near future and look forward to Bayonetta 3.  Just hopefully Bayo 3 takes the combat back to how the 1st game did it compared to the 2nd.

TalkBack / Re: Loftwing Amiibo Launching Same Day As Skyward Sword
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:04:06 AM »
Ability to turn Fi off, buy Fi Amiibo.

Ability to skip annoying fetchquest, buy Groose Amiibo.

Ability to skip fighting the Imprisoned 3 times, buy Impa Amiibo.

Maybe they saved Killmonger, who changes his ways.

I think this would be the best route if they wont recast.  Killmonger was popular and many sympathized with him.  Having a redemption story where he's trying to make up for his wrongs could be pretty powerful.

Plus his death is very easy to retcon since T'Challa does tell him he can be saved before Killmonger pulls the dagger out to bleed to death.  They just need one line that says T'Challa got him to a medical team at the right moment before it was too late.  Yeah it would still be a retcon but at least it's a somewhat believable one.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The 3DS 10th Anniversary Thread
« on: April 09, 2021, 09:51:51 PM »
I still have a ton of 3DS games I need to play.  Most are RPG's that I've put off because RPG's take so long.  It's been over 2.5 years since I last played it because the Switch has such an insane amount games that have kept me busy since then.

I finally got out my Wii U last summer so maybe this summer I'll finally get my 3DS out again.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: April 08, 2021, 06:12:08 PM »
I finally figured out a new poll for us to vote on. Just in case the question doesn't quite make sense, here's the scenario we are voting on. It seems highly likely that total Switch sales will reach 20,500,000 systems sold. Meanwhile, PS5 game sales have been rather abysmal in Japan. I don't think any PS5 games has charted in the Top Twenty games sold in any week since the PS5 launched. Thus, the question and race here is whether users think that Switch sales will hit that 20.5 million mark before any PS5 game manages to rank anywhere in the Top Ten sales at any time during that stretch. A PS4 title does not count even if that title was released on both PS4 and PS5 since the sales chart will list the title separate for both systems. It has to be the sales only for the PS5 version.

All clear or need more clarification? If clear, then place your bets. If not, ask away and I will see if I can better explain it.

Resident Evil 8 comes out in one month and the main series entries still sell hundreds of thousands in Japan.  Considering the spikes in hardware sales the PS5 has been getting I have to imagine many have been buying the system in anticipation of that game.  Even though there's still a PS4 version, if the PS5 version can't do more then 10k to get in the top 10, I'd really have to wonder just what people are even buying the system for over there.  Or if like 90% of PS5 owners are digital only in Japan.

So I'll have to vote no since I don't see the Switch getting an extra 1.3 million units in the next 4 weeks in Japan.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/Wii U)
« on: April 08, 2021, 03:49:56 PM »
The game is very generous with checkpoints so don't be afraid to die.  If you die you'll usually respawned pretty close to the spot you were killed.  This makes fighting some of those tougher enemies worth it since you'll get better equipment if you win, but don't need to worry about losing too much progress if you lose.

TalkBack / Re: Balan Wonderworld (Switch) Review
« on: April 01, 2021, 12:53:02 AM »
To be fair, this is about the quality I'd expect from the the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog.

At this point its become pretty clear the only reason the Genesis Sonic games were anywhere near the quality they where is because of Hirokazu Yasuhara.  Naka might have come up with the overall gameplay concept, but Yasuhara is responsible for making it playable.  Even the other games people give credit to Naka for like Nights, were good because of other talented designers working on them.

Yuji Naka is basically the Bob Kane of videogames.  Both men might have come up with the idea of Batman/Sonic, but Bill Finger/Hirokazu Yasuhara were responsible for what actually made the franchises popular. 

Saw the Snyder Cut last night and I really enjoyed it.  It address almost every complaint I had about the Theatrical version and is easily my favorite DCU film.  Of course being 4 hours long does allow it to kind of cheat since Snyder had all the time in the world to give all the characters proper story arc and tell a story that was properly fleshed out.  If this version of Justice League is successful enough, they should let Snyder continue it as as an HBO Max series.  If he need this many hours to make something good, I think his talents would be better spent on multi episode series that would give him more time to show his vision versus theatrical movies that have a 2-2.5 hour limit.

The real problem I had also was when Superman flew away from a battle with a villain trying to kill the world to save ONE family.

I think you'd really enjoy the Snyder cut since that scene was a Whedon creation for the Theatrical version.  In the Snyder cut, once Superman shows up to fight Steppenwolf, he fights him the entire time until the threat is done.  No random civilian BS that need to be saved, it's all action and makes a much more exciting finale as a result.

I wonder how Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury will end up saleswise compared to other 3D Marios. Looks like it may sell more than would be expected for such a release.

To the majority of the world this is a brand new 3D Mario, so its going to sell like one.  Over 10 million plus is guaranteed and even getting around 20 million might be doable since Odyssey is currently at 20.23 million and that game continues to sell as well.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Not a hater but... (future prediction)
« on: March 04, 2021, 02:26:10 PM »
As far as my comment about third-party support however, I'd argue that statement is largely true. The Switch has a similar level of third-party support as the previous few Nintendo systems got, with most new releases skipping the Switch.

If your talking about AAA games aimed at the West that's mostly true but mid-tier Japanese games and indie titles are a massive improvement over previous systems.  The Switch absorbed the PSP/Vita's audience in Japan which has lead to a major shift in third party support over there.  Outside of the few series that still try to compete with AAA Western devs, almost everything else in Japan has gotten Switch ports.

With indies, the Switch is literally the market leader.  Not only does every major title come to Switch, many are even timed exclusives on the system.  Many indie devs have done nothing but praise the system for giving their games the highest sales as well.  This is a huge step up from the Wii and Wii U which missed out on a large number of indie games.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X: Life on Mira.
« on: February 19, 2021, 10:39:53 PM »
Well since you bumped the thread it gives me an excuse to copy paste my thoughts on the game from the "Last game you beat thread" from February 2017.

Xenoblade X

Finally, it's all over.

I started in October and it took almost 4 months and over 270 hours, but I have conquered Mira.  I even made sure to beat all the optional Super Bosses as well since I wanted to make sure citizens of NLA have nothing to worry about.  Well until the eventual sequel at least.

Anyway, awesome game that I just couldn't put down.  Now I loved the first Xenoblade as well, and put over 130 hours in that with most side quest completed but didn't go all the way like with X.  I'd say the combat is what kept me going since I liked the battles more in this game then the first Xenoblade.  The amount of customization I kept going through with my main character kept things pretty fresh for me even after 200 hours in.

The one negative I have is the Skell battles become kind of repetitive after a while.  One of the nice things about normal combat is all the different variety and options you have but then the Skells take away a lot of that.  I mean at first getting the Skells is awesome but after a while I wish they would have fleshed out their combat more.  Hopefully the eventual X2 sequels focuses more on improving the Skell combat so it's as fleshed out as the in person combat.

Now lets see if I can get through with smaller indie titles in my backlog before Breath of the Wild comes out since that's probably going to consume me for another 4 months after it's released.

I'm impressed with XCX completionist files, and while I adore the game myself, it is one of those things that I will never 100% because of how non-transparent it is. I don't like sifting through wikias in order to progress through sidequests, and while I love the game, there's enough issues I have with some of its more absurd customization options and such that makes me feel that, at my already respectable 197 hour save file, I'm okay with walking away.

I completed Colony 6 in the original Xenoblade Chronicles and I've obtained an Ares 70 in XCX, those are the kinds of highlights that I can leave a game on. I will always appreciate both Xenoblade titles for the amount of detail, but the sidequests, to me, have always been something I can tackle if they are close to my narrative path. Finding a stranded girl in the middle of Oblivia and taking on her quests was worthwhile, to me. But XCX's design and continued reliance on gathering randomly generated field drops and low-percentage enemy drops is something I can't respect, and I don't feel like wasting my time for it. Unfortunately, XCX sort of relies on some of these types of quests in order to progress story and I don't like that.

Oh I agree with a lot of quest relying too much on random items which can be BS.  It didn't bother me too much since I actually spent the first 50 hours of the game pretty much just exploring Primordia, Noctilum and Oblivia on foot, since I was just blown away by the world and wanted to see more.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with constantly fighting enemies stronger then me just to see how strong my current team is.  I would usually see if I could take on enemies at least 10 levels higher then me and if I couldn't I would adjust my equipment, arts and skills and see if that would work. 

I didn't get my first Skell until over 60 hours into the game, and by that time, I was already insanely overleveled and had a **** ton of items already saved up so I was able to do many of the side quests when I started excepting them because I already had the required materials already.  I then tried to rush through the story as fast as I could before finally hitting the fetch quest wall to get the flying part for my Skell, which yeah became annoying.  It is rather funny though since I rushed through most of the story over-leveled but then I reached the final chapters and was underleveled since I stopped exploring and doing side quest because I was trying to finish the story.  The final boss was a real douche since I ended up being the same level as him with the rest of my team several levels lower.  It was pretty awesome though to discover some of the augments I had found from naturally exploring the game earlier ended up giving me the boast I needed after dying a few times since you can't go back to NLA at that section so I was desperately looking for whatever I could to win because I didn't want to restart the game and my earlier adventures are what gave me what I needed.

I actually planned on stopping after I beat the main story but after the plot twist at the end, I wanted to do some of the side quest at the end to see if any of them explain a little more about said twist.  Over the course of doing that I finished some Affinity Quest that helped explain more about the characters with some having some good stories to them which then made me obsessed with completing all of them.  So yeah I got addicted to learning more about the stories of each character and all the different races and lore of the world.  Because I was doing so many quests at once I found doing one usually ended up taking me in the area I needed to complete the other as well as I would usually end up accidentally getting the material I would need for a latter one.

So yeah even though I agree there was a lot of BS, the battle system and overall lore behind the game is what made me look past all that and eventually lead to an unhealthy obsession where I couldn't stop.

Wow, nice job!

I had started the game, but set it down and never got around to picking it back up. Lack of story hurt in that regard - although I'm still excited to play after breaking down my backlog a little bit further.

I agree the main story is weak but I feel Monolith Soft did a great job at the creating the setting and lore behind the game which is what made me want to keep going.  Quit a few of the side quest contain plots that are better then anything in the main story so it's worth getting back into if you really want to get engrossed in the world.

TalkBack / Re: Splatoon 3 Announced: Coming In 2022
« on: February 18, 2021, 02:32:02 PM »
A successor isn't coming out until at least end of 2023.  Of course with Splatoon 3 coming next year, I wouldn't be surprised if a successor is closer to 2024 or 2025.
No offense. That's a terrible idea because it's awfully reminiscent to...

Nintendo in 2010: I'm sure we can launch the Wii successor in 2012. No problemo!
Nintendo in 2012:

The Wii peaked in its 2nd year and had a steady decline each year after.  The Switch just had it's best year during its 4th.  The system has yet to even peak for Nintendo, so the Wii in 2010 comparisons don't work since the Wii as already in clear decline in 2010.  This is the company that delayed the GBA because the GBC was still selling better then expected.  Unless hardware sales completely crash to Wii U levels, they're not releasing a successor so soon when they know they can still sell an extra 50+ million systems the next few years.

Of course the biggest problem for the Wii in 2011/2012 is Nintendo moved most development to the 3DS and Wii U, causing Wii software to dry up.  One of the reasons for unifying all there studios under one system is so a repeat of 2011/2012 doesn't happen again.  As yesterdays Direct shows, the Switch isn't going to have the drought in its 5th year the Wii had, which literally solves the biggest cause of that system crashing so hard in the end.

For third parties, the Switch never got ports of many of the top sellers on the PS4/Xbox and yet that never hurt the system.  There's still a large audience that hasn't bought a Switch yet but keeps buying it because of the ever growing list of titles.  Releasing a Switch successor too soon makes much of that audience buy the new system instead.  Nintendo wants everyone buying the Switch and then buying the successor.  Even if third party support completely dries up next year, Nintendo's own software has already created a self-sustaining eco system to thrive on.  Even when compared to the Wii, the Switch software sales are on a whole different level.

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