Author Topic: What's this? MORE secret DVD footage?  (Read 6433 times)

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What's this? MORE secret DVD footage?
« on: August 04, 2002, 03:04:16 PM »
Just when you thought you saw it all...

A few weeks back we told you where you could fins over a minute of secret Gift Pia footage hidden on your Planet GameCube DVD, but that was just the beginning.  There are 9, yes 9 little bits of goodness locked away and over the next several weeks I'll be telling you how to find them as well as giving you a little insight on what they're all about.

The 2nd Easter Egg is a little mischevious jab at our beloved BILLEH by Mike Hrusecky and myself.  I asked Mike if there was anything horribly embarrasing we could put on the disc, and he came through with shining colors.  I'll let Billy take it from here:

The infamous “shoulder incident”


When I was younger (8-16), I used to do a lot of springboard diving. I threw out my shoulder when I was diving once and ever since, if I move a certain way, my shoulder can dislocate at very unexpected times.  It is extremely painful, and very different than Mel Gibson portrayed it in Lethal Weapon.

Now on to the clip.  I was walking out of the Shigeru Miyamoto round table at Spaceworld last year, when I saw the whole Nintendo executive staff. I thought it would be a great addition to the Japan Experience video I was shooting so I whipped out my video camera.  I had my backpack full of about 40-50lbs of crap in it, and the backpack was on my bad shoulder, and my camera was held with that same arm. I moved the absolutely wrong way. Bam. My shoulder pops out right in front of Peter Main and associates, and I captured the whole thing on camera.

I don’t think I could explain the embarrassment and pain I was in all at the same time.

Peter Main actually helped me get my backpack off, as did George Harrison. Ironically, they'll never forget me, or Planet GameCube.


Ironically, I didn’t even know this would be on the PGC E3 2002 DVD.  We had planned to do Easter Eggs from the beginning, and only one person had access to this footage, and that was the Japan Experience producer, Mike Hrusecky.  When I got the beta of the DVD I didn’t even know it was on there.  Once Adam told me where all the Easter Eggs were, I searched through them, and at that moment found out that it was on there.  I actually wanted it removed, but I was persuaded to keep it on there.


I guess it just goes to show that no matter what happens to us, we’ll do anything to cover Nintendo.


A word to the wise….if you haven’t seen this clip yet, it’s kind of nasty.  You can actually hear the crunch. This little morsel can be accessed on the PGC DVD by clicking on my left eye in the picture of where I’m sticking my tongue out at the Nintendo Press briefing.

Enjoy.  Look for Easter Egg #3 in one week.