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The perfect slasher film
« on: March 07, 2015, 10:50:00 PM »
Alright so I have always been a fan of slasher films. My favorites are the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series but I often enjoy a good lesser known film like Sleepaway Camp from time to time. I have give this a lot of thought if I want to get into film making one genre I really want to do is a slasher film. I know they are cliche and tired but I still love the formula and think there is still some room for a new slasher.

I haven't decided how I would do it, maybe create an elaborate back story that involves a tragic figure becoming a villain. Sticking to the tried and true formula to the letter and just coming up with a unique gimmick. Or maybe just making a complete cheesy knock off of one of the classics. Either way I would love to make a slasher movie, low budget and completely gory as hell but not rely entirely on the gore maybe use some cheap tricks and camera angles.

If there are any slasher fans who might want to swap ideas feel free to post them here. If there are any other aspiring film makers, story tellers, or otherwise creative people who just want to offer their tips, advice, or random thoughts please do not hesitate.

I am transferring to UNL, in Lincoln where they have an actual film program and my goal is to get into movies. Currently I am working for a low budget TV station in the middle of Nebraska so I need to start looking ahead to the future.

I also want to do a real psychological thriller movie based on a book I wrote but never published but I would like to get my feet wet doing something low profile and a slasher is a pretty basic horror style to jump into. I figure it would be easier than a Zombie flick and far more interesting than a cheap haunted house movie.

Problem is its barely a step above doing porn so I am not entirely sure how good it would be for my career if I ever plan on having a serious film career.
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