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General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: October 19, 2021, 04:25:34 PM »
insanolord, did you customize your 16” MacBook Pro? If so, what did you add?

I’m leaning toward the standard 14” model. The last MacBook Pro I bought was a 15” model in 2010 so a slightly smaller screen probably won’t kill me especially with the higher resolution and other advancements. In terms of hardware specs, the MacBook Air would be enough for my needs in a second computer. However, I want the SD Card slot and HDMI port (the significantly improved specs should help it last longer as well). The $500 savings and lower weight are the primary decision points for me.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: October 18, 2021, 01:37:26 PM »
These mofos put a notch on a laptop screen. It's silliness on paper, but in most instances that screen area is merely empty in the Menu Bar. I don't hate it.

Apple finally brought back Magsafe and ditched the Touch Bar that no one liked or used. I'm posting this before seeing the price. I expect it to be LOL.

EDIT: The 16" is $2499. The 14" is $1999. Ehh...

Per Emily Rogers, "Licensing costs are likely main culprit behind NSO expansion's bold price. I heard Sega were paid very, very well."

Nintendo possibly could have absorbed some of that, but not doing so is on-brand for the company. It won't unless the market forces it to (i.e. 3DS's LOL launch price). Not surprised, simply no less disappointing.

It's worth noting this is also the same Nintendo that locked digital purchases to four different systems (i.e. DSi, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U). The easiest thing to do would have been to dump the ROMs on the eShop and allow third parties to do the same while letting them set their own prices. However, Nintendo wants to make money on these games in perpetuity.

If they plan to add things like more systems or DLC in the future then I think they should be more forthcoming about their plans. As it sits, it doesn't seem like a good value.
It isn't and even if Nintendo was more forthcoming, the Expansion Pack still wouldn't be a good value at launch. There isn't even an incentive like Disney+ in which you can get special pricing for being an early adopter (albeit with a three year commitment).

Perhaps more troubling is the impression that not mentioning additional future perks sure sounds like peak LOL-Nintendo, the one that nickels and dimes customers because it normally gets away with it. Why include additional systems and whatnot when it can charge even more money for it?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Metroid Dread
« on: October 10, 2021, 12:24:43 AM »
Then I also think back to the Wii and how many copies of Metroid Prime 3 and even Other M later seemed to flood the used games section of Gamestop. Could pick them up for so cheap. Could be the same thing happens here after a bunch of people beat the game. Now it's like I'm talking myself into not even bothering with it for months. Anyone else ever find themselves losing hype for a game they know they'd really like?
I rarely buy games new at full price and Metroid Dread is an outlier launch day purchase for me so I get where you're coming from.

While I've waited nearly two decades and was excited for Metroid 5, I wasn't especially hyped for it and haven't been hyped for any game in a long time. Maybe I'm just old now.

It's possible Gamestop was flooded with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption because people traded up for Metroid Prime Trilogy. And Metroid: Other M is well, Metroid: Other M. It may behoove you to see how many copies of Metroid: Samus Returns you see in the used games section as it may give you a better idea of what to expect if your intention is to pick up Metroid Dread for less.

Anyway, some thoughts on the game so far:

I'm still under the impression (based on the opening "narration") that Yoshio Sakamoto believes fans hate that Samus talked in Other M when the real issue was ALWAYS that the writing and voice direction were both bad. Have Samus talk, just do it well.

Samus immediately zooming over to ZDR with next to no intel seems pretty reckless to me.

I haven't finished the game yet, but I fully expect Samus to blow up yet another planet.

Why is Zordon providing Samus with background info?

Miss me with Zordon-Adam's robot voice. Yikes.

I know MercurySteam redesigned Samus' Whoops-I-Lost-All-My-Things® Power Suit, but it sure did look like that Chozo guy who Top 10 Anime Betrayals'd Samus in the beginning like, changed her clothes while she was unconscious.

The Emmy Rossum sections suck a bag of broken dicks. I got the counter to work and escaped literally once (then got caught again almost immediately anyway and died). Sure, the sections are tense which is what MercurySteam is going for here. I simply don't find them to be particularly fun or engaging, unfortunately. They're the opposite, I imagine, of actual Emmy Rossum.

The first real boss, Corpious, was so f-ing difficult. I've admitted I'm not good at video games before, but this was next level suckage. The first few deaths against this mofo made me feel like I was the nephew/cousin who was given the unplugged controller while the adults were actually playing.

Metroid Dread plays like a more refined Samus Returns which is to be expected and can be good or bad depending on how you felt about that game. I liked Samus Returns though the controls were not as tight as Super-Fusion-Zero Mission. I like that you can free aim in this game. However, I don't feel like it controls as well as it should.

The game looks good graphically, not even with a "for a Nintendo Switch game" modifier. I'm mostly in favor of the art design though Samus, again, has a bunch of lights on her normal Power Suit which is simply baffling to me. My issue is that everything is so clean. This is weird because series canon is that the Galactic Federation just swabbed all manner of DNA from Samus' Power Suit and started cloning ****. This also makes finding hidden destructible blocks harder to find which so far, have been necessary to proceed. I don't remember getting this stuck for this long in the pre-Samus Returns 2D games. I gave up twice already and checked YouTube because I can't be bothered.

Semi-related: Getting the Amiibo for Metroid Dread was straight up one of the most infuriating experiences I've had in recent memory. Amazon had a placeholder page for months. It went live for realsies around noon on Friday and was FLOODED with scalpers reselling for double to often over triple MSRP ($29.99). Amazon's own listing was apparently up for like 10 minutes then was broken for the rest of the day.

Normally, I just hop in my car and drive to the nearest Target or Best Buy except Friday was apparently meetings-palooza at work-from-home. I live in Philadelphia. I was able to order one online from Best Buy in Cherry Hill (roughly 15 minute drive). There were two left then I got an email that they were preparing to put it aside. Yeah, well, they got sold so I had the option to hold the only one left within 50 miles. I drove to Princeton this morning. Yes, that Princeton, 49 miles away. It was a nice drive, but sheesh, buying that toy was much harder than I ever thought it would be.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: October 03, 2021, 07:31:46 PM »
Here's a round up of a bunch of movies I've seen in the last few months (may be missing a few):

Fear Street Trilogy: 1994, 1978, and 1666
Only 1994 is any good (1978 is okay and 1666 is aggressively bad).

I'm conflicted on a few things. The main character, Deena, is a gay, teenage person of color. No issues there. None of those things are plot significant which is an odd choice but fine. However, I felt the director, Leigh Janiak, was intentionally coy about Deena's sexual orientation in the beginning for like no reason whatsoever. Sure, it kind of connects with Sarah Fier but also didn't need to narratively or thematically (Janiak sure did try then never quite got there). The actress who portrayed Deena (Kiana Madeira) is neither gay nor a teenager (she's literally 28). Maybe I'm just way too cynical in my old age, but to me, it seemed like the creators of this trilogy wanted the social "woke" points for having the courage to have a gay, teenage person of color as the lead except without doing any of the work. I really didn't like that; it felt exploitative like how corporations put all that Pride Month stuff out in June but you know they don't care during the other 11 months.

Reusing actors from the 1994 and 1978 installments in the 1666 segment was really unnecessary to me. The big villain reveal was also thoroughly unearned. Each installment got progressively worse so by the time the last one was wrapping, I didn't really care anymore.

Excellent, and I'm not normally a fan of Spike Lee joints. Not sure why Lee set the movie in 1972 when the investigation took place in 1978. I normally don't mind movies eschewing historical accuracy (unless it's egregious); this was odd choice.

Lady Bird
I doubt this is a movie anyone here is interested in. It starts off pretty slow. I started, put down, and picked up this movie on a least five separate occasions. If you're into performances, Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are both excellent.

The Suicide Squad
It's good. The Suicide Squad is probably my favorite DC movie. You don't need to see Suicide Squad to understand what's going on here though James Gunn weirdly expects you to know some of the relationships from that movie like Rick Flag and Harley Quinn are kind of friends. It's been a while since I watched this so I can't give more detailed thoughts on it at the moment.

In another thread, I recall someone saying they don't really like Gunn's work. If you're reading this, yep, this movie is not for you.

The Girl Next Door
Woof, not good. They managed to throw in more teen comedy tropes into this movie than I thought was possible during its fairly short run time. I'm almost appalled that Timothy Olyphant was convinced to be in this.

Casino Royale
Still holds up. Skyfall is still the best Daniel Craig-led Bond movie, but Casino Royale works as a reboot, reintroduction of the character, and a movie in general. The ending is a little bit hard to follow. And Bond being so hung up on Vesper Lind is quite possibly the least believable part about this movie. He knew her for like three days.

Quantum of Solace
This is the first time I watched this since it came out. I remember not liking this movie, but it's actually not bad IF you watch it directly after Casino Royale as Quantum of Solace takes place immediately following the events of that movie. The antagonist, Dominic Greene, is both kind of weak as a Bond villain in that there's nothing especially noteworthy or remarkable about him EXCEPT that his plan is weirdly the most realistic out of any Bond villain I've seen. He wants to privatize water for an entire region which is IRL evil, but like not Bond-villain evil. Greene is essentially the CEO of Nestlé.

Mystic River
Man, this is one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen. I saw it when it first came out on video, and I couldn't bring myself to watch it again until recently.

Anyway, it's good. All-round great performances. I still think Bill Murray was better in Lost in Translation than Sean Penn was here. This is one of a few performances by Marcia Gay Harden where she really makes you hate her which I think is the point so good on her. She's doing her job well.

There's tons of misdirection in this movie which shouldn't surprise anyone because the book was written by Dennis Lehane (Gone Baby Gone) whose writing is filled with that. The only thing I really don't like about this movie is a scene right before the end between Penn's Jimmy Markum and his wife, Annabeth, played by Laura Linney. It's hard to describe why I dislike it without summarizing the entire movie which I'm not going to do.

Jennifer's Body
This movie bombed in 2009, and the marketing had a lot to do with it. 20th Century Fox decided to market the movie to young men so the ads primarily focused on Megan Fox's hotness. Admittedly, this is exactly why I avoided this movie. I figured I didn't need to watch a bad horror movie for one hot actress. I also did not like Juno so the fact that Diablo Cody wrote this didn't help either.

Recently, I've seen some video essays defending the movie, and it was on Netflix so I gave it a go. It's alright. The marketing failed so tremendously in showing what Jennifer's Body actually is and is about. It's more of a horror-comedy/satire. There are some genuinely funny jokes in there. More importantly, the actual movie is like the exact opposite of its exploitative marketing. Megan Fox lost a bunch of weight and avoided sunlight to make herself less attractive. Karyn Kusama filmed Fox's scenes specifically to avoid sexualizing her. Every time you're about to see something, the camera cuts away. I have doubts the marketing department even watched the movie before sending out the TV ads and movie posters. The movie probably still would have bombed because I don't think we were ready for this movie in 2009. I may have watched it sooner though.

Still holds up. Some of the CGI is dated, but for a movie that came out in 2000, pretty good. It's a mess as far as historical accuracy. I feel like you have to just ignore that in order to enjoy the movie. Everyone speaks English and New Zealand-born Russell Crowe is repeatedly referred to as "The Spaniard".

General Gaming / Re: What is your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: October 03, 2021, 05:36:59 PM »
Over the last few months, I picked up Trials of Mana (Switch) and No More Heroes III (Switch).

Digitally, I downloaded: IGA's Backpack DLC for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (PS4), Blasphemous (Switch), Super Crush KO (Switch), and Axiom Verge (Switch).

I learned the hard way that my Axiom Verge save file for the physical version does NOT transfer to the digital download from the eShop because they have different publishers. I decided to get a headstart on transitioning to digital only on Nintendo consoles by downloading indie games since they're mostly smaller file sizes. Cave Story+ is now the only other one I have a physical copy of instead of a download. Once I see a sale under $10, I'll probably pick it up.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Game Boy: Finally time to Play It Loud!®
« on: October 03, 2021, 05:25:52 PM »
I updated the list in the OP. I managed to cross off the following from my interest list over the past several months:
  • Bomberman Quest (GBC)
  • Wendy: Every Witch Way (GBC)
  • DK: King of Swing (GBA)
  • Metal Slug Advance (GBA)
  • WarioWare: Twisted! (GBA)
I pledged to two Kickstarter campaigns that were successfully funded recently:
  • Infinity (GBC)
  • Good Boy Galaxy (GBA)
Both of these are slated for late next year. I got the tier with the physically cartridge for each as I'd like to play them on their respective Game Boy.

Additionally, picked up Sabrina: The Animated Series - Zapped! (GBC) and Shadowgate Classic (GBC) for cheap. If you're wondering why the former, it was developed by Wayforward Technologies and considered the better of the two licensed Sabrina games.

Wendy: Every Witch Way (GBC) is officially the most expensive game I ever purchased. Again, I'm too embarrassed to admit how much I spent on it. It routinely goes for $130 loose. I didn't spend that much which is the only reason I bought it at the price I paid.

WarioWare: Twisted! (GBA) has a busted rumble motor. The seller did not mention this in the Description, and I already gave them a good review (the game booted up, but I didn't know there was rumble functionality). BOO/HISS Fortunately, replacing the rumble motor seems relatively easy. I put an order for replacements which are pretty cheap (five for ~$7.00). They're apparently just phone vibration motors.

I tried several times to snag Resident Evil Gaiden. I lost every auction for it. I doubt this one will ever happen. I'll eventually buy an EverDrive-GB X7 from krikzz. A lot of the games mentioned by others in this thread are likely getting thrown on there.

There are now two games left I still want to get a real physical copy of: Daikatana (GBC) and Pokemon Emerald (GBA). I whiffed on the former months ago which I'm kicking myself for now.

Questions for everyone who has played Pokemon Emerald: Is it worth it? Are the changes over Ruby/Sapphire substantial? The game regularly sells for over $100. I feel like it's eventually going to drop.

TalkBack / Re: A Boy And His Blob 2009 Coming To Switch Soon
« on: October 03, 2021, 04:54:34 PM »
I went so far out of my way to track the Wii physical copy down in like 2011 then barely played it. I think I still have it somewhere though I'm also too lazy to drag Wii out of storage.

A Boy and His Blob is almost annoyingly cute. It was one of a couple Wii games from back in the day that had top-notch sprite work. I'd probably still give the nod to Wario Land: Shake It! though.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: September 25, 2021, 07:15:20 PM »
Do you have the type-c blocks?  I literally have none, except for one of those covert Switch docks.

Do you have the type-c blocks?  I literally have none, except for one of those covert Switch docks.


LOL. Wiggins tried to get a religious exemption which the NBA promptly shut down and denied. I agree; he’s going to get the vaccine at some point. He’s being such a wang about it right now though.

Unrelated: a local Salt Lake City reporter stopped Jordan Clarkson on the street (without knowing who he was) for an impromptu interview. She asked him to spell his name then asked if he went to any Jazz games. Clarkson replied, “Yeah, a lot.” In her defense, she’s taking it pretty well. This is my favorite NBA story of the off-season.

For $50, this mofo better have Rumble Pak functionality included. Then again, this is the same Nintendo that’s releasing the 3-button Genesis controller also for $50 despite the SNES controller being $30 which was ridiculous as well (I have four; I’m part of the problem).

If the Sixers can stomach the distraction, they have leverage. They shouldn’t want Simmons with the team or on the court if he’s going to be a **** while he’s there, and they shouldn’t accept a bad trade either. The Sixers will lose every trade unless they land Damian Lillard, but they don’t have to accept pennies on the dollar. Simmons can sit out as long as he wants, but sitting out an entire year doesn’t count as a year of his contract. It falls under “failing to render services” so he would still have four years on his contract while also getting fined into oblivion.

As for Wiggins, I question who is willing to trade for his contract and the current reality of him automatically missing games because he won’t be allowed in an arena.

Reactions seem pretty mixed from what I’ve seen. Nintendo Switch Online has, admittedly, been kind of ass. At the same time, it’s still only $20 a year with an option to get it cheaper on the family plan. Nintendo hasn’t done a ton to justify a price increase though tiered subscriptions with more perks on higher tiers isn’t a new concept.

For me, it depends on the price. If it’s $5 or even $10 extra a year, I probably won’t even notice. I waste that regularly on vegetables I buy then don’t eat because cookies taste better.

Relevant to my interests, the six-button Genesis controller is exclusive to Japan.

I was only interested in the N64 controller. I probably could have talked myself into getting the Genesis one if it was six-button model.

No one posted in this thread for two months?

Even I can’t defend Ben Simmons. Go to work, dude. The Sixers did everything they could help him succeed though maybe babied him too much. He no shows in the playoffs and now is refusing to show up to training camp. What is happening? This is like bizarro world or Rand McNally, where they wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people.

Andrew Wiggins refuses to get vaccinated which means he can’t play any home games for the Warriors as local jurisdiction requires vaccination for large indoor events. He said he won’t get vaccinated unless “forced to”. The Warriors had him speak to an expert and Wiggins was still unmoved. Bruh.

Majority owner of the Warriors, Joe Lacob was fined $50,000 for essentially saying (off the record) they don’t need Ben Simmons and questioning his fit on the roster (in a potential trade). That’s like the opposite of tampering unless they simply can’t talk about other teams’ players entirely in any context.

Apparently, Carlos Boozer is the last Jazz player to record a triple double… back in 2008. Triple doubles aren’t easy per se, but 13 years? What are y’all even doing out there in the Beehive State?

Stephen A. Smith got Max Kellerman booted from First Take.

NBA is in shambles.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: September 23, 2021, 09:26:27 PM »
Oh, they’re not passing the virus back and forth. Them mofos are mostly straight up dying, and if they manage to survive, COVID apparently “lingers in the penis” causing erectile dysfunction and possible impotency. It may take longer than expected but as we transition from **** around to find out, the problem seems like it may eventually sort itself out.

By my estimation, the only group worse than the lazy cunts waiting for more data but never actually looking for it is the I-did-my-own-research conspiracy theory crowd who can get ALL the way fucked. And they will. Eventually. By COVID. Imagine having the audacity to believe lurking on Facebook or YouTube for confirmation bias videos is worth more than the research some scientists have spent their whole careers on, building off the knowledge and work of their peers and predecessors. I don’t wish ill will on anyone, but when these people die agonizing, completely preventable deaths, all I feel is:

I expect a Limited Run Games release. I still have the GBA cartridges, and I plan to replay the games on an actual GBA like Jesus intended. I might still double dip because my life has no meaning and I have expendable cash.

Even after a friend reminded me on July 29, I forgot about the pre-order start time. I didn’t get on until 1:05 PM EST. That should have been curtains for me if not for the issues Panic had with international pre-orders Lemonade mentioned. Apparently, a lot of people were frozen out. Whomp. I managed to snag a pre-order in 13000s. That almost makes up for the fuckery last year with Analogue Pocket which still has not launched. The universe is balancing itself out.

Here’s a link to Panic’s podcast detailing how they came up with Playdate if anyone is interested: Panic Podcast: Season 1, Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

It’s a little long, but I thought it was super interesting.
I kinda want one of these, but don't want to pay for it lol.
That seems to be the general consensus for people who weren’t all-in like me. I made the terrible, terrible mistake of commenting on a YouTube video. This one dude was saying outlandish stuff like it should be $50, $100 max. I get it. $180 is a lot especially when some of the games are surprises. Personally, that’s the entire appeal to me. I love kitschy stuff like Playdate.
Do people who buy/receive their units in say March 2022 just miss out on the first season of software?
No. I believe you get two games a week as soon as you connect your Playdate with Panic’s servers, and you get the same two games everyone else does that week so it sounds like the games are released on a schedule. My guess is if Games A and B were Week 1 then they will be sent out again for new users on Week 13. The thing you miss out is the Day 1 community aspect of it though you’d get some of that later on for those who download those specific games at the same time as you.

Fine. Sure. I’ll buy another controller for Switch.

I let my Nintendo Switch Online membership lapse in July so I guess this is as good a time as any to renew. Mission accomplished, Nintendo.

Time to finally dust this thread off

First Look at Bayonetta 3 Gameplay - Nintendo Switch

Yep, looks like Bayonetta which is exactly what I want.

Recasting Bayonetta is some darkest timeline ****. Helena Taylor is Bayonetta, you cowards.

TalkBack / Re: Mario Movie was announced by Nintento
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:22:30 PM »
The cast is seems fine other than Charlie Day as Luigi which I actually really like. Chris Pratt may be an odd choice though I’m willing to keep an open mind.

Lindsay Ellis has a great video essay about how casting Robin Williams as Genie in Aladdin changed the landscape of casting animated roles. Genie was written specifically with Robin Williams in mind. That’s why that worked so well. Casting big name actors in voice roles kind of misses the point.

Everyone associates Charles Martinet with Mario. No complaints here, but I’m going to pour a 40 oz on the curb for Captain Lou Albano.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:09:31 PM »
For the record, I don't give a damn if you're vaccinated or not, as long as you exercise caution (wear a fucking mask) and respect the situation at hand (stay home if you sick)
(yeah, I know most don't care one way or another)
I both do and don’t care. These anti-vax/anti-mask chuckleheads are taking up ER and ICU beds then begging for the vaccine on their literal deathbed. There are reports of cancer patients not being able to get treatment because hospitals are full. What are y’all doing? They’re very clearly not exercising caution so now we have a bunch of dead kids and immunocompromised people.

At the same time, I’m simply not going to argue with those people. Then die, I guess. 🤷‍♀️ If at this point a frightening amount of people are STILL not taking this pandemic seriously then taking fucking horse dewormer when there’s a FREE vaccine available, what can you say or do? “I don’t know what’s in the vaccine.” I don’t know, man. Have you ordered from a restaurant, like ever? Think about it after you’re done shitting yourself in the middle of Walmart.

TalkBack / Re: Mario Movie was announced by Nintento
« on: September 23, 2021, 06:58:29 PM »

No More Heroes (Switch)

I got the Limited Run Games physical release.

This game did not age gracefully. Much of the humor didn't hold up under a 2021 lens. Maybe I found it funny when I first played the game in my early-mid 20s. At 37, it was mostly intolerable. I remember liking Travis Touchdown as a character except he's kind of a ****. Additionally, models for the red shirts and NPCs walking around Santa Destroy are pretty bad even for a 2008 Wii game. The graphics in general are extremely dated despite the art style and everything seemed darker, particularly the shadows.

The story was nonsense. I don't know how much of it was intentionally nonsense or something Suda51 would claim was intended to be nonsense if anyone called him out on it. Travis' primary motivation was apparently to sleep with Sylvia (as she promised once he became the top assassin) but also revenge he didn't remember he wanted until the very end of the game. Also, he won his beam katana in an online auction yet somehow is a world class assassin who "lives for killing" except the entire United Assassins Association was merely an elaborate con cooked up by Sylvia so Travis could kill his half-sister, Jeane, for killing his parents (statute of limitations on spoilers has expired). Jeane's backstory was also weirdly dark. If it was a con, why would so many people act like the UAA was a thing and subsequently put themselves in a position to get murdered. No More Heroes doesn't commit to anything, and it was difficult to parse out what was even happening within its narrative. Maybe that was the point. I don't know. I guess it's better to simply ignore all of that.

The gameplay mostly holds up, the driving simulator in the overworld and a few minigames notwithstanding. The fighting is a little mindless but I still liked it. I started the game using the Joy Cons. Despite barely using them, the left Joy Con began to drift. *lose horn* That said, I played most of the game using the Pro Controller, and it was... better. I lauded the original release for its motion controls yet I only went back to the Joy Cons for a couple missions that practically required it.

My main issue with this port is that Suda51/Grasshopper Manufacture made very few quality of life improvements besides 60 FPS and a resolution bump to 720p. The frame rate in the open world was absolutely horrendous.

No More Heroes' greatest sin was how little it respected the player's time, and the port, unfortunately, did not fix this. There are still no "Retry" and "Restart Mission" options. If you fail or know you are going to fail, you have to sit through the loading screens to leave the mission and reenter the Mission then click through the intro every time. And you can pass certain Assassination Gigs, but it's kind of not worth it unless you get a Gold rating because some are so difficult. If you do manage to pass, you have to drive all the way back to K-Entertainment, accept the gig again then drive back to the location actually play it. Y'all had 13 years and couldn't be bothered to fix that. Come on, man.

I don't think I'll play this game again though I don't regret revisiting it/double dipping. I'll probably play a palate cleanser game before jumping into the sequel. I would like to finish that as well as Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes before playing No More Heroes III.

Since Playdate comes with 24 games in Season One, I wanted to create an official thread to organize discussion on the console and games. Honestly, I don't want to root through a mega thread to find comments on the various games.

Key Details:
  • Pre-orders begin July 29 at 10:00 AM PDT, full payment required (cancel any time for full refund)
  • Pre-orders will not sell-out as Panic will continue to accept pre-orders and will be shipped in the order they are pre-ordered
  • First batch of ~20,000 units will ship late 2021 (split between 16 countries, yikes), future batches will ship in 2022
  • Pre-orders are limited to two per customer
  • Playdate Cover will be available on launch day; Stereo Dock will be available "later"
  • Season One is included with the purchase of the console and features 24 games to be release two per week for 12 weeks

I recall reading that Panic will work with eBay to remove pre-orders (as that is against eBay's policies), but I don't remember where I read that. In case I imagined that, requiring full payment up front should deter scalpers.

Official website for Playdate

Here is the full reveal from June 8: Playdate Update — 6/8/2021

I don't think these work anymore, but in case they do for some people:

Two minute trailer if you can't be bothered to watch the 15 minute reveal: Say Hello to Playdate!!

Again, embedded video if it works for you:

General Gaming / Re: Atari VCS, Amico, Micro Consoles
« on: July 24, 2021, 11:00:53 PM »
Steam Deck is kind of neat-o. I'll stick with consoles though.

I'm going to make a new thread for the Playdate.

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