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TalkBack / Re: My Friend Peppa Pig (Switch) Review
« on: Yesterday at 05:15:41 PM »
Glad WackerJr posted a comment to this thread as I'd have missed reading an enjoyable romp of a review. I was quite entertained by the personal experience with the review.

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: Yesterday at 05:08:19 PM »
Damnit! On top of being the first out, I have to suffer with giving Khushrenada the satisfaction!

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 14, 2022, 06:36:07 PM »
Whoa-oh, he here comes! Watch out boy, Insano'll blow you up! Whoa-oh, there he goes! He's a TVManeater!

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 14, 2022, 04:27:13 PM »
We're halfway through the order and nobody's chosen the bomb yet. Getting nervous, Khush?

You and I both know I had a specific target in mind when I selected my bomb word and that player still has yet to select. I won't be worried unless we reach that point and that player doesn't select the bomb word.

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 13, 2022, 03:33:22 AM »
Allow me to influence that choice by dropping the hint that the bomb word I selected... has at least one vowel in it.

Are you sweating...?

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 13, 2022, 02:35:58 AM »
I know the answer....  8)

Nintendo Gaming / Re: DS...the end of porting?
« on: August 12, 2022, 05:43:26 PM »
Who's Online is a great way to find wonderfully random old threads with intriguing concepts.

Alright. So, I know that with those games wrapped up last night, that puts me at 7 which equals my amount from last year with 2/3s of the month still available to me for more. I'll be surpassing last year's total for sure and I'm still expecting to surpass my total of 14 from two years ago with the pace I'm currently on. However, it got me wondering as to how things are going for everyone with 1/3 of the month gone and here's the results from what has been posted so far:

Khushrenada – Picross e8
Bungle4 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Mop it up – Mega Man X
Khushrenada – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
NWR_insanolord – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
RABicle – Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
Order.RSS – Human Resource Machine
Mop it up – Mega Man X2
Mop it up – Mega Man X3
Khushrenada – Elli
Khushrenada – Super Bomberman R
RABicle – 80’s Overdrive
Order.RSS – Space Channel 5 Part 2
Broodwars – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD
Broodwars – Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
NWR_insanolord – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Khushrenada – WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Mop it up – Mega Man X4
Bungle4 – Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!
Khushrenada – BoxBoy + BoxGirl
Khushrenada – Just Dance 2

That's 21 total games so far! In fact, pretty much all the users who have posted so far have checked off at least two games from their backlog. Heck of a start! Good gaming, everyone. How much more will be added before the month is done?  ???

As a side note. I am not sure if other folks still get street passed but I rarely get them now. I did manage to get one in Yellowstone when I was there. Do other folks still get street passes?

I wish. I still take my 3DS to work each day and sometimes if I'm going to a place with people like the mall in the hopes I may find some other 3DS diehard. I actually did get 1 streetpass earlier this year in a total surprise. But 1 a year is probably my average these days.

BoxBoy + BoxGirl - Single player story wrapped up last night. Got the credits and all objectives I could in single player mode. Have now unlocked a Tall Tale so more to play for another day. Not sure when I may ever get through the two-player mode of the game. Yet based on the way the single player mode story ended, it seems to imply that two-player would be the true happy ending for the story which is probably why they've called it BoxBoy and BoxGirl to highlight that two-player adventure.

Just Dance 2 - You knew it was coming. Finally went through the rest of the songs last night and replayed a couple more before moving on. It's still kind of bonkers how this series became one of the biggest titles in gaming and still one of the biggest sources of revenue for Ubisoft. Just Dance 2021 was their second biggest game in 2021. According to Wikipedia, there are only three third party games among the top 30 selling games for the Wii system. Those games are Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3. Of all the things tried and created out of motion controls, this series is one of the most unexpected and about one of the few things that are still going strong with using motion controls long after the Wii and Wii U. Most other games have reverted back to button inputs.  Ubisoft sort of lucked into figuring out a smart way of making dancing work within a video game concept and have so far cornered the market on it.

And yet, it's amazing they did it with such a middling effort. I like the first Just Dance because of stuff like U Can't Touch This and Groove Is In the Heart. Kind of more goofy songs. It's got a song by The Beach Boys and, while I haven't checked to make sure, I'm pretty confident no other Just Dance game would have a song by them as it turned more into a current hit parade type of track list.

Likewise, having gone through Just Dance 2, I really like how they selected songs to incorporate more varied styles of dance. You've got a song doing sort of Bollywood/Indian dancing, Rasputin is doing some Russian dancing, Sway feels a bit more like it falls in the ballroom dancing category. I haven't played it yet but I don't think there is going to be the Charleston included in the hit parade of something like Just Dance 2018 which is a shame. It makes sense for a game about dancing to have a wide variety of music and dance from different eras since you'd expect the target audience to be passionate about dancing in all its forms.

But we'll see. Maybe I'll be surprised as I tour through the series. On the other hand, while I appreciated the different styles of song and dance, this still a pretty basic package and game and it can be frustrating in trying to figure out how the game is judging your motion. Sometimes, I'd swear I'd be on the beat but getting Ok's and misses while other times I felt I was off but got a Perfect. So, that's why it is best to view this more as a way to work out and maybe pick up some dance moves but not worry too much about the high score aspect.

After completing Just Dance 2, I popped in Just Dance 3 to see what I had there but it is basically a fresh game as I only seemed to have sampled a couple songs on it before. Again, according to Wikipedia, Just Dance 3 is the best selling third party game to release on the Wii and holds the number 10 spot of highest selling games for the system. Sold better than Mario Galaxy 2 and Skyward Sword. I wonder how many other users have played this major part of the Wii's software library and a big part of the system's identity?

Have to say, though, that Just Dance 3 so far seems like Ubisoft now realized they had a big hit on their hands so they better start taking it seriously before they dropped the ball. Production values seem to have improved a bit. There's now an achievement system in the game and the motion control sensing seems like it may have been better fine tuned. So far of the five songs I played, I got 3 or 4 stars easily on them and it felt like the game was better tracking my movement. In fact, I was close to getting my first five star performance on one. I suppose I'll provide a further reaction in a few days when I complete it.

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 10, 2022, 10:17:06 AM »
If Bungle doesn't show up and dies from inactivity, that still counts as a bomb word snipe for me. (Because he is automatically assigned my bomb word choice.) It'll be the best bomb word choice to ever open a game. My bomb skills are amazing!

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 09, 2022, 12:24:11 AM »

I finally got to choose a bomb word?! It's a Safe Words miracle! Now it just better not come back on me....

(As a further aside, I have to say that Insanolord is making a strong case for being number 2 with these choices here although there are still a few duds that prove second isn't the best after all.)

WarioWare: Smooth Moves - Beat the game in that I played through all the character stories and unlocked the credits. Still some microgames left to unlock. However, can you "flower" microgames in this game? I didn't get around to trying to do that with any of the ones I encountered but usually they always had a target number given in the description to try and reach to flower them? Looking up a FAQ on the game, there is nothing listed about any target number for the microgames like reach level 30 or level 10 for them nor is there anything listed as being unlocked or gained by playing through all the microgames for a certain level. If not, then it won't take too long to complete this game. Just surprising they'd have not bothered with that after making it a normal part of the Warioware games up to this point.

Bastion - Started this on Saturday evening. Perhaps my memory has become faulty but I remember this title as being something really popular about 10 – 11 years ago. Like an early example of an Indie dev making a splash like Cave Story or World of Goo. I thought the thing a lot of people raved about was the music. I haven’t dived that deep into the game. I just got through the opening area and reached the titled Bastion spot. However, what I’ve seen so far hasn’t got me to hyped or intrigued to keep going. It seems like the will mostly be about going through areas and beating up a lot of enemies on the way. Games that are just about beating up lots of enemies are not games that keep me entertained for long. I still haven’t gotten back to Hyrule Warriors after playing it for a night and getting through a couple areas. Also haven’t heard anything that impressive from the score so far. Now I’m wondering if I’ve mixed this title up with something else. In any case, I suppose playing this in Backlaugust is the best time to do so since it will give me the pressure to just keep playing through it for now to at least beat it and see what it has to offer.

Super Mario Maker Wii U – It’s another disappointment. Well, disappointment may be harsh but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. I thought there was a whole bunch of sample courses to play through but there wasn’t any I could find. There’s just a 10 Mario or 100 Mario challenge to play through random created courses. Searched around through all the menus to make sure I wasn’t missing something but it seems like the game is just about making courses and playing others. I’m supposed to be able to unlock more course components today so I guess Nintendo stuck with the 10 day wait time to unlock everything that people were in an uproar over and being forced to wait for no good reason. I suppose I’ll keep checking in and unlocking that stuff and mark this as beat once done. Game seems kind of neutered as well with different menus not loading. Not sure if that is stuff tied into the demise of Miiverse or what. What do our Mario Maker experts have to say about this title and its value in 2022?

Super Mario Maker 2 – On the other hand, I was much more impressed with what I saw when popping in Mario Maker 2 and messing around the menus here. There’s now an overworld creator and it seems like the design options are much more robust. There’s even a story mode so I’ve started playing that. Mary O. seems to have met her demise in between Maker 1 and 2. Perhaps it was a hit ordered by the pigeon which seems to have taken over as the guide for the game.

I didn’t end up getting around to the last songs of Just Dance 2. That’ll be tonight’s project to finally finish that off along with some more steady progress in BoxBoy. Might do some more Bastion. We’ll see how it goes. Sadly, gaming time wasn’t near what I envisioned I might pull off on a weekend as other life responsibilities required more time and attention instead.

Well, although it feels like I'm helping my biggest competition in Backlaugust so far, I suppose the goal is really more personal and about encouraging one another to complete their backlogs so allow me to encourage you be saying it is short. If you just want to get through the story, it doesn't take long. There are 6 planets to play through although I believe the last planet is just a couple boss battles. You could likely finish it over two nights or one night if you want to put in a longer session. If you divide it up by two planets a day then you can finish it in a leisurely three days.

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - Sign Up Thread
« on: August 08, 2022, 05:46:25 PM »
We've got 10 now and that's close to usual. Last two games we had 11 so the only big regular we missing at the moment is ShyGuy who was in the last two games.

Mario + Rabbids is something I've been saying I should play next but then keep putting it off because I thought it could be a long game and having to take the time to learn the rules and strategy feels like more work than just starting a new platformer. Still, I really should get to it one of these days.

Elli - Is now complete with all outfits acquired. Now that getting them is too hard. The game gives you more currency than you actually need so not that hard to do. The game is mixed bag for sure. It's a pretty basic 3D platformer that gives heavy Zelda vibes (particularly the BotW kind) with its environments and looks. But there's no combat or enemies so it's usually just moving around to activate this switch or move this block to unlock a key or open a door to move on to the next room. It did get a bit more engaging as the game progressed with bigger rooms or incorporating multiple rooms to get items or do the necessary actions to remove the current roadblock to keep progressing. Still, there's very little reason to revisit this one.

Super Bomberman R - After beating Elli and doing a couple more words in BoxBoy+Girl, I hit that feeling of what do I play now. Decided to go back to a game I played a bit of in each of the last two BacklAugusts as a potential buzzerbeater and ended up finishing the story mode and getting the credits for this as well. Only thing is to keep playing to unlock all the various accessories and maps in the store but I don't know how much grinding I'd want to do for that. Unless there's an easier way to get coins that I'm missing here.

Played through some more songs in Just Dance. Have 13 more to go through there.

No gaming so far yet today. Come on, Khush! Get it together!

Not much to report at the moment. No time for gaming on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got in a larger chunk of gaming time although no credits hit on anything just yet. I was probably close to the end of Elli. Everything about the game suggests I'm about to hit the end pretty soon so that should be wrapped up tonight. Did another couple worlds in BoxBoyGirl. Happy with the steady progress of that and it should be something that I get to the end of during the month.

Wanting to try and keep up the early momentum and see if I could get another game off my big board, I popped in Just Dance 2. My goal with the Just Dance games is to get a score on every song and "complete" the game that way. Thinking about it last night, I was trying to recall when I may have last played this game and I think it was probably 4 years ago. At one point, I did go through every song in Just Dance 1 and thought I had played through a large portion of Just Dance 2 but I was wrong. There was like 6 or 7 songs that I'd just play over and over on it which I found when going through to see which ones had a score. I'd switch it out with Just Dance 1 and 3 and play the ones I most liked so it wasn't as close to completion as I thought. When I decided to try and complete all these Just Dance games I'd accumulated, I was thinking my body may not be ready for this task but no problems so far after getting into a bit of sweat.

Just Dance is a bit of a mixed bag in that I've always been interested in a few songs I like and skipped others. For instance, Rasputin by Boney M. Have always liked the song and the "Russian dance" choreography that goes with it on the game. But I'd skipped over something like When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls. While I don't hate the song, I don't love it either. And the choreography is definitely more... girly... for that song so it's not really got anything I'd see myself wanting to emulate on the dance floor. On the other hand, by finally stretching out of my comfort zone, I encountered a new song that I thought was an instant classic I'd want to revisit of Move Your Body by Junior Senior. A lot of moves I was enjoying emulating. It got me thinking about the last couple years and I got to say I really haven't been doing much dance over these pandemic years which is a shame because I was having a lot of fun by the time I stopped last night.

Despite the long absence of moving and grooving, I seem to have gotten better at following and picking up the choreography as I was easily getting a lot of 3 stars and even some four star rankings for my first time doing it. I replayed one song that had a previous score and easily surpassed it with a new one. How badly was I dancing before?  ???  :P  >:(

Got 29 more songs to still play but looking forward to it now. Going through these titles might end up being the best part of my playtime this month. Reminds me why I got so into and a fan of this series in the first place.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge is now beat. It turns out this game has 4 different ending pictures much like Metroid depending on how fast you finish and collect everything. I beat the game twice tonight to see two of the pictures though there doesn't seem to be a gallery for them. Normally, I might try and replay the game to get the other two pictures from a faster time but this is Backlaugust and there's no time for replays! It's on to the next title.

Made some more progress in Elli. How far am I from the end? *shoulder shrug* There's not much information online about the game so I don't know how much further and longer it might take. Another couple worlds done in BoxBoy + BoxGirl to keep that game moving along.

TalkBack / Re: Tetris 99 Second Chance Cup To Begin Friday
« on: August 02, 2022, 10:43:59 AM »
Not the second chance I'm looking for. I need the Monster Hunter Rise theme. Just ran out of time on that one. About 5 - 8 points away for it when I hit the deadline after remembering about it an hour before the deadline. Also need the last one done for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I completely spaced on that one when it happened. It was Khushrenada and the Forgotten Theme there.  :P  Up to the Monster Hunter near miss, I'd been doing good at keeping up with the events as shown by not needing any of these second chances.

When I said it's in the trash for those two games, I was referring to the GC Mega Man and Mega Man X collections since they were incomplete. That's the joke.

Alright. Mark one on the board. Picross e8 is complete. All puzzles finished. I had about 40 puzzles left in that one but no more. All Picross e puzzles for 3DS are now done as I get closer to completing all the games I've downloaded onto my 3DS.

Made excellent progress with Shantae: Risky's Revenge today. Finished today with the path to the final boss now open. Should be able to wrap that up tomorrow. Played some of Elli today. Don't know how close or far I am to the end but if I finish Shantae tomorrow and then keep progressing some more in Elli I think I could have that done for Wednesday. Also cleared the first two worlds of BoxBoy + BoxGirl. See how that goes with trying to do a chunk of it here and there.

But now it's time for some Better Call Saul so that's it for gaming today.

From what I have heard the GameCube X collection is fine, it's just the regular Mega Man collection that's a little wonky. Neither one has the full collection at this point although in the case of the X collection, it's missing X7 and X8 which seem to have some of the worst receptions so perhaps you're actually dodging a bullet there. The regular series has had 9 and 10 since then, and the Legacy Collection 2 also includes all of the paid DLC they released, so if you were to get any of the newer collections, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 would give you the most content you don't already have.

EDIT: I've made the list of games I'm looking to tackle on my Backloggery account if you anyone is really that interested in what I'm thinking of gaming this month.
By the way, you forgot to insert a link here. Or perhaps you did this on purpose as a way to gauge if anyone would actually try clicking on it.

Happy Anniversary!

Right, of course. Didn't think about MM9 and MM10 and their later releases. Didn't realize the X collection did not have 7 or 8. Thought it was complete. Guess it's in the trash for those two games...

The link should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up on that.

NWR NFT Markeplace / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - Sign Up Thread
« on: August 01, 2022, 02:00:07 PM »
Oh, did I miss a discussion on this somewhere? I didn't think we had decided who was going to host the next one. I was hoping to see a Khushrenada vs Insanolord rematch as Khushrenada goes for back-to-back wins, but perhaps some other time.

If this is what's happening then you can count me in.

You did miss a discussion. Insanolord just surprised everyone by launching this game. He had kept his hosting intentions secret as I don't recall him ever saying before that was thinking of hosting a game. Very sneaky. But since no one had really claimed that they would host the next game (Mop it up came the closest but it wasn't really "official"), the gig was open and Insanolord just took the initiative to host one. I applaud his sudden enthusiasm for doing so.

Kirby's Avalanche is no joke either. I've been replaying it on the App. It's probably the first time in 19 - 20 years since I've played that game and that game doesn't hold back on the difficulty either. I can't believe I came close to beating it back in the day without a rewind feature.

It was something I thought about when going through my GameCube library and looking at the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections (as well as the Sonic game collections). Although I know you've stated those collections are probably not the best way to experience the games (and I'd much prefer to have save states or a rewind feature for those NES games), it is probably the way I'll play through them at some point because I just don't see a reason to buy another collection of Mega Man games if I've already got them.

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