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"I have limited time to play games so I buy the really good games."

I don't have time to waste my money on rental garbage either.  I look at games like Bioshock, Army of Two, and Gears of War and I see serious games.  

And I'm getting a distinct Geist feeling from the Wii games people keep bringing up.  The one original game that is cool was brought up was brought up by me (unless I missed someone else's reply before mine that brought it up), just because I am honest.

Nintendo could be publishing something cool like Lair, but they were only interested in having Factor 5 do something like Pilot Wings.  

"I read that list; it was crap if for no other reason than Red Steel didn't even get a mention. WTF is up with that?"

That is EGM clearly saying that Red Steel controlled like a turd at E3.

The EGM list exposes the Wii's games for what they are.  The ones that are not established franchises for the most part suck ****.  I'm looking at games (that if on Wii you guys would be jacking off to) that blow **** concepts like Hammer away.    

Lair is the dragon game for PS3 being developed by Factor 5.  

Last gen I had more fun with Halo than any Nintendo made game.  Halo was one of the hottest games period last gen.  The only nutters who say otherwise are biased fanboys.


Originally posted by: EasyCure
project h.a.m.m.e.r., disaster: day of crisis, and even excite truck

The first two are not developed by Nintendo and the Truck game has the Excite name in it.  And none of those are worth buying a Wii for.  God, that sounds so perverted; buy a wee.

The other games you brought up such as the Miyamoto game may not even exist so don't bet the farm on it.  If it does exist, it could turn out to be that damn maze demo or some other micro game like it.

The one game that is something new that I am excited about on Wii is the cel shaded game from the makers of Killer 7.  But like the games you brought up, it is not developed by Nintendo.

Of the list in EGM.  The Wii has but two games in the top thirty, one in the top twenty (Tennis), and none in the top ten.  Games like Huxley, Alan Wake, Lair, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Resistance, Okami, Mass Effect, Gears of War, and Army of Two are not currently coming to the Wii (I'm hoping Okami will at least make the jump).  

I think Tennis is interesting; I also believe it will turn out to be free.  Thus far the excitement about Wii has been about the controller and not the fruit of it.  People just want to get their hands on the remote and give it a swing, and that kind of buzz will not carry the system through.  The launch will sate the wants of many Nintendo fans (I normally buy Nintendo systems for Zelda), but if Nintendo is serious about expanding their market beyond that niche they need to be active in attaining more interesting games from third parties than "Guy with a Hammer."

NSMB doesn't do enough that is new, I understand it doesn't even have flying, but I brought it up as a starting point for Galaxy as it takes the series back to what it was about.  Galaxy needs Luigi, it needs floating boxes; it has to have powerups.

It is okay to have the big three in the first year (Metroid, Zelda, Mario Bros), but before they go digging into their chest of fan services like Fzero or a decent Star Fox they need to put something out that is original.

PS2 had many more original IPs last gen than GC.  And Xbox only needed one original game to defeat Nintendo in sales world wide, Halo.

Some of the rumors I referenced are from EGM.

And since E3, EGM has had a top 50 original games issue (with Army of Two and Gears of War as number one and number two) and Wii had something like four games on the list.  

You can't love the tree and hate the fruit and you can't love the fruit and hate the tree.  

It's the difference between walking the walk and talking the talk.  Nintendo has been shouting at the top of their lungs about doing something new and yet when it comes to actual new IPs that are exciting the media and readers they have a Tennis game with N64 graphics.    

I have a feeling that after MP3, Retro will start a new Metroid that will depart somewhat from the Prime series.

How about "Man with a Hammer"

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Zelda Using Motion Sensor for Sword!
« on: August 22, 2006, 05:17:56 PM »
I think what is important about using the remote in this game is that it puts the sword in your hand and allows you the freedom to hit specific marks.

The old 2D sword fighting was like in 2D Metroid where you just hit the button, but these days Metroid is 3D and on Wii you will move Samus' arm all about.  The same is true for Zelda on Wii now, except it will go beyond just pointing and pulling the trigger.  

Sword fighting on Wii can best be equated with playing Tennis on Wii.  Just like hitting the ball in Tennis, you swing the sword at someone's head (a much larger target).  There is nothing complicated about that at all.  

Hasn't the spin attack always just involved holding a button down and then releasing it?  I don't think the remote is capable of detecting a 360 degree spin.

If you've read the rumors you know that games like Star Fox, Luigi's Mansion, and Kid Ikarus are being seriously considered for the Wii.  Why is this?  Why is Nintendo giving us spin about going after new consumers (non gamers as well as non-Nintendo gamers) and then plotting to take the same old path with their software.  

One of the main reasons GCN failed miserably (outside of GBA connectivity, lack of online, casing, controller, etc) was the lack of originality in the software lineup.  The library was not interesting to anyone but Nintendo fans.  

The Wii is just the same.  Nintendo is going to be playing catchup making their franchises online.  And they will use the remote as an excuse to make games like Luig's Mansion which will attract noone but fanboys.  Why do this in spite of the unbelievable reaction to the New Super Mario Bros which is the first SMB in fifteen years?  Why make seperate Mario and Luigi games?  Why make a sequel to LM which did nothing to expand the user base?  

They want to act like they learned from the GameCube that graphics are not important but the truth is that it wasn't the pretty graphics on GCN that lost it for them, it was their games.

I will judge the system by its fruits and currently, the Wii has the same old apples which noone was interested in last gen.  The first thing Nintendo should be worried about, the key to attracting new consumers (people who traditionally only buy Sony and MS), is to do something dark, epic, and new before you go updating Mario Party or Pilot Wings or Wave Race, etc.  

Nintendo should be the one on the forefront of that which is new, they should be the ones bringing us games like Portal (the team who created the original demo did graduate from the school Nintendo helps fund).

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Zelda Using Motion Sensor for Sword!
« on: August 22, 2006, 03:58:52 PM »

Originally posted by: Ian Sane
"To tie this back to the topic, Link's not going to mimic your sword swings exactly. It'll probably be limited to jerking the controller, and then he'll slash or stab in that direction according to a programmed animation. That is a good thing for this sort of game. Zelda isn't a fencing simulation."

On that point I agree.  Zelda isn't about precise fencing.  But a gesture system is idiotic.  It's no different than button presses only it requires more effort from the player and is less accurate due to the wider range of actions to be interpretted by the console.  It's like having digital controls on an analog stick only much worse.  So it's pretty much the same and thus there's no point in having it from a creative point of view.  Motion control only makes sense when it does something that can't be done affectively (or at all) with a traditional controller.  A mere gesture based sword swinging system is a perfect example of a g!mmick.

I think they're screwed either way.  A gesture system is pointless and inferior but authentic sword swinging complicates things too much that it loses track of what Zelda is about.  They actually had a better idea (in theory) before with bow aiming.  I found riding and shooting ghosts in the N64 Zelda pretty awkward and that is something that could make use of the remote if done right.

I agree that if it is prerecorded gestures then it is pointless but if they give you exact sword controls (Link's hand does what yours does) then it will make things much simpler than even using one button.  You won't have those Shenmue style "prss A now" moves for one thing.  Instead you would just get behind the character and swing at the weak spot (say the straps holding the armor on).  It is very simple.  

I've played a game before, years ago on much earlier technology, with sword controls.  It worked brilliantly (but there wasn't much else to the game, it moved along like a lightgun game).

TalkBack / RE:Wii For $170, Says Electronic Arts
« on: August 21, 2006, 10:34:36 PM »
For some reason I threw in HD at the end of my statement, though the tard pack doesn't do HD.

TalkBack / RE:Wii For $170, Says Electronic Arts
« on: August 21, 2006, 06:47:09 PM »

MicroSoft is prepared to lower its core system price next year.  How will a two hundred dollar Wii look to consumers (core and noncore) sitting next to a two hundred dollar 360 running Halo 3 in HD.

$170 for the Wii sounds better than $199, but $149 sounds sweeter than both.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Zelda Using Motion Sensor for Sword!
« on: August 21, 2006, 04:00:15 PM »
The b button makes sense for the arrows.  I assume now they will move the shield controls to the nunchuck's accelorometers.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Zelda Using Motion Sensor for Sword!
« on: August 21, 2006, 02:41:24 PM »
 "Upon actually playing it, it's more interesting this way," said Miyamoto to Nintendo Dream about the new control scheme.

YES! bwahahahahaha...ha...ha

I love it.  Let us hope the controls are one to one.  Now the Wii version can truly be called a launch title.

I have said in the past, when they do this (use the Wii remote for sword controls) it will be as big of a shock to some as Celda was.  Change can be good.

I would have thought though that it was too late to make such a massive change to the controls of the game; I would have thought after E3 we would not get a Zelda that puts the remote to its most logical use for two to three years (whenever the next Zelda comes out).  It will be a challenge to make such a complex game as TP work with the remote but it can be done (I think targetting just became very important).  It definately would have been easier to just build a Zelda from the ground up using the remote (allowing much more of the game to be focused on sword interaction with the environment and puzzles).

Keep in mind that the first Legend of Zelda was quite simple.  You had a button for your secondary weapon, a button for your sword, and a dpad to point you in the right direction.  The Wii controls can take us back to that simplicity.  A button to draw the sword to use the remote for sword attacks, a few buttons to use secondary weapons with the remote, a stick to move the character, a button for locking on, etc.  Why waste the remote function on shield attacks and menu navigation?

One should be able to look at the remote and look at the game on screen just like with Tennis and know exactly what to do.  They have to make this game with free form controls so they can be true to their thesis of making games that anyone will want to play.  If you just give players a sword and a world like Zelda to play in with it, I think you will be surprised how much fun people who would never play a game would have just cutting grass.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 21, 2006, 02:29:57 PM »
"Those damn Japanese and their small living quarters. If they don't want to live like pigs, why should Nintendo feed them any slop? Right?"

My point was that the Japanese were all bitching about the size of the Xbox and 360 but they are going to still pick up the PS3 (even though it is the largest piece of mass produced gaming hardware since the Steel Battalion controller).  


a bunch of college kids did this

I always dig this video up when Marionette comes up.  That is the direction I want to see the game take (but with free roaming, Luigi, and not so fugly graphics).  The demo is just about the control scheme though.

I thought of Galaxy as 128; I just want multiplayer.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 21, 2006, 02:00:46 PM »

Originally posted by: Deguello
Nemo... Seriously.

If you believe more technology went into making the DS than the Wii, so much so that the Wii should be significantly cheaper than it, you are absolutely loopy.

You are operating under a big list of great assumptions on your part.

1. You know how much the Wii costs to manufacture, and that it somehow costs in the realm of $100.
2. Nintendo is somehow obligated to sell at a tremendous loss just because their competitors do.
3. Size of product somehow dictates cost of product.
4. You probably also assume the Wii features the specs from a list of specs that has been repeatedly rebuked for simple problems as the presence of GDDR in place of the much widely advertised MoSys.

None of those are true.  Yet you claim them all as fact and act like Nintendo is making a big mistake by offering the Wii under what you assume it costs them without any sort of source whatsoever to back up your claim.  And you also continue to use troll-type language (lunchbox HURK HURK HURKITY HURK) that makes me question if you seriously enjoy posting at PGC.

1.  I'm going by what the developer told the journalist.
2.  Sorry, it's a fact, Sony and MS use a strategy of selling hardware at losses greater in cost than the Wii costs to manufacture in hopes of turning profit on software.  It doesn't ever seem to make them more money than Nintendo but they are trying to buy Nintendo's consumers and put the N out of business.  
3.  The size does dictate price.  The DS and PSP cost what they cost because the companies have spent money shrinking down that hardware to a portable size.  The Wii is a console so size doesn't scare consumers away (unless they are biased Japanese), thus spending money to make something small is not needed like it is in portables.  With a console the insides come before the casing.  

With PS3, there is a lot of sh1t in there, and that is why the casing is so large.  It has to have a lot of cooling, it has a harddrive, it has ports out the ass, it has lots of RAM, it has HD support, etc.  Do not sit there and try and say the Wii is comparable in power to either the PS3 or 360 because it is not.  I know this because developers have told me personally.  
4.  Read that last sentence in number 3.  We all hope the final hardware will have more of everything but that is all one can do is hope because a lot of people are saying the thing is already well into production.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 20, 2006, 11:20:12 PM »

Originally posted by: ReggieFA

Originally posted by: Grubdog


While MS and Sony sell consoles at hundreds in losses (mostly their own sloppy fault-- blu laser) you guys are saying that if Nintendo can sell the Wii (and break even or even turn profit) between $99-149 that you would rather they inflate the price fifty to a hundred dollars just to squeeze money out  

The thing is like a third the size of PS3.  It has a fifth of the RAM of 360.  There is no harddrive.  No wacky blu lasers or multi cored blunders driving up costs.  It is cleaned up GCN with 96 MB of RAM, emulation software I can thieve right now if I want, and the online hardware they should have had in 2001.  The whole purpose of the Wii is to push a peripheral that was planned for GameCube but couldn't be launched because not even the second coming could save the lunch box's reputation at that point (and then the tech would be looked at as a failure).  

I'm not alone in believing that either.  Developers believe that.  And obviously, journalist believe it as well.  I'm trying to look at the positive ($99 price according to developers) and you guys are calling me an idiot for thinking Nintendo should charge what it cost them to make their console.  With such a low starting price they can use the Wii to expand their market while prepping the real thing in two to three years.

Will cheapness and imagination win out against power and money in the console sector like it did with the portable market?  We may find out as soon as this fall.

You should keep in mind that third parties are looking at putting their games across three platforms next gen; PS3, 360, and PC.  Few will spend money downgrading.  They never spent the time or money to give GameCube proper ports when the console was adequetly powered.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 20, 2006, 06:06:32 PM »

Originally posted by: Deguello

and if Nintendo can sell it at $99 and still turn profit then they better sell it at $99; i'm not a fan of being overcharged. yes, it does make it seem like a clunker when sitting beside the $599 PS3, but hey, that's Nintendo's fault for taking this strategy.

Nemo, if you honestly believe this, you are an idiot.  Seriously.

You guys are saying that if Nintendo could sell it at $99 you would rather they gouge you in the ass and charge a hundred dollars more than it costs them to make it.

Even at the more likely production cost of $150, you still want Nintendo to screw you and charge you two hundred?  

And I'm the idiot?  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 20, 2006, 03:44:17 PM »

Originally posted by: Garnee
Selling the Wii for 100 bucks is absolutely ridiculous.  Consumers will think they're getting an inferior product.

it is an inferior product.

and if Nintendo can sell it at $99 and still turn profit then they better sell it at $99; i'm not a fan of being overcharged.  yes, it does make it seem like a clunker when sitting beside the $599 PS3, but hey, that's Nintendo's fault for taking this strategy.

if i took my GCN to EB to sell they probably wouldn't give me fourty bucks.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 19, 2006, 01:19:18 AM »

Originally posted by: ShyGuy
How 'bout a $400 game on the 360? or a $800 game on the PC?

I ain't getting a 360 until Halo 3 and a price drop (and that new controller of course).

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Has Sony copied Nintendo Again?!!
« on: August 19, 2006, 12:24:46 AM »
Looking back over what Sony has been able to copy (properly) I think it would have been better to keep the little things like the VC and the Wii24 PR pitch secret until the end; where the controller's motion tech has proven difficult to simulate and could have (should have) been shown at E305 (just not giving away the remote/nunchuck design).

General Gaming / RE:Grudge Match from Hell: Wii Remote Vs Fighting Games
« on: August 19, 2006, 12:17:53 AM »
Are we going to be able to plug the 360 controller into the USB?  That would be funny.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 19, 2006, 12:16:06 AM »
I don't see a $250 game at launch for Wii.

I also don't see a $700 game (ever) on PS3.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:1upyours 8/18/06 Nintendo could sell Wii for $99
« on: August 18, 2006, 04:28:12 PM »

Originally posted by: VGrevolution
Lol that comparison between DS and PSP is hilarious. In regards to the $99, I think that would be a huge mistake and would make no sense. To sell the Wii less than the DS lite could end up hurting the DS lite, not only that but that would be bare bones only. No extra Wii-motes, no packaged game, and a variety of other things. I still hold on to my opinion that the best price point is 200-230$ bundled with accessories.

I think it would be a smart idea to offer the Wii for $99 considering the hardware (the developer even suggested they could still turn a profit).  It would come with one remote, one nunchuck, and a free copy of Wii Sports I suspect.  Let's say for twenty dollars more you can have a second remote and be playing tennis with your friends out of the box.  

If Sony is going to lower the price of the PSP then the DS will likely receive a price drop.  

The grand package for Wii could be $150 with two remotes, one nunchuck, Wii sports, and Zelda TP Wii.

Starting at a low price will make the system truly different from the others.  It will also allow them to build a base for a larger console in two to three years.

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