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Rating Octopath Traveler II's Characters: Ochette and Castti
« on: January 26, 2023, 07:46:38 AM »

A hunter goes outside her home and an apothecary gets amensia.

We are about a month out from Octopath Traveler II. The expected prologue demo should be arriving shortly, I’d imagine. The original had multiple demos, as did HD-2D follow-up Triangle Strategy. Even though Octopath Traveler II is not being published by Nintendo of America like its predecessor, I still think we’ll see a prologue demo before release. Even the Square Enix-published Harvestella had one.

But today we are here to rank the next two characters: Ochette and Castti. In case you missed our previous rankings, the merchant Partitio got a score of 2 out of 8 Octopaths, while scholar Osvald nailed a lofty score of 7 out of 8 Octopaths in the first one. Thief Throné landed 6 out of 8 Octopaths, and cleric Temenos wound up with 4 out of 8 Octopaths in the second set of rankings. As mentioned previously, if I’m committing to the bit fully, I need to fit these final four characters into 1, 3, 5, and 8 Octopaths. So hopefully I am stoked or disappointed about some of these.

Ochette is a hunter, and since my starter in Octopath 1 was Haanit, I’m a little biased from the start. She lives among beastlings on an island in the south of the game’s world. Part of the island has been conquered by outsiders, which gives me pause as the idea of colonization in video games is usually handled with the grace of a buffalo. That being said, I’m a big sucker for her Path Actions, which go between two ends of the spectrum based on her day and night actions. During the day, Ochette can Provoke people and beat the snot out of them. At night, she Befriends them (as long as they’re pampered with an item) and can bring them along in battle. I appreciate a character who is ready to punch people in the face when the sun is up, and then aims to be their besties as the moon rises. Ochette’s story is all about finding some legendary creatures to help prevent some apocalypse. I hope that you oscillate between fighting those creatures and loving them. Mostly because I’m scared the final two characters are going to be nightmares (I know there’s info on them out there; I’m just putting my head in the sand), I’ll give Ochette 8 out of 8 Octopaths.

Next up is the apothecary Castti. She’s an amnesiac lost at sea who is trying to figure out what the heck is happening. Castti is extremely good at apothecarying, which according to her Path Action, makes her very good at soothing people at night. During the day, she has the Inquire action because well, she can’t remember anything so of course she’s going to be asking people 20 questions to figure things out. There’s a good chance Castti’s story has some good twists but as of now, amnesiac stories are tropey and played out. Sorry to your memory, lady, but I’m giving you 1 out of 8 Octopaths.

Since this list is getting near completion, here’s a recap of who has gotten what ranking. Any you agree with? Am I doing Castti and Partitio dirty? Do I hate names with multiple Ts? (ignore the fact Ochette has two Ts)

  • Ochette the Hunter: 8 Octopaths
  • Osvald the Scholar: 7 Octopaths
  • Throné the Thief: 6 Octopaths
  • Temenos the Cleric: 4 Octopaths
  • Partitio the Merchant: 2 Octopaths
  • Castti the Apothecary: 1 Octopath
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