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Episode 268 - Guardians of the Balexy
« on: October 28, 2021, 02:19:00 PM »

It's Halloween and that must only mean one thing... Talk Nintendo X Radio Trivia time baby!! TYP joins the gang for another wonderful edition of Radio Trivia. Don't worry, we got Guardians of the Galaxy impressions, Quick Bites, and more too!

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Do you like music? Video game music? I hope so, because it's Radio Trivia crossover week!

Michael "TYP" Cole from Radio Trivia joins this week to talk about the music from four games (one more than last time!), and let me tell ya, we got some good songs this time. That's in the middle of the show, though. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Before that, we talk about a ton of games we've been playing. Casey and Perry get into the N64 Nintendo Switch Online stuff a little bit. Perry also chats Kero Blaster, Metroid Dread, and some other stuff. Alex ended up getting Guardians of the Galaxy early (on PS5, what a betrayer!) and seems to be a big fan. There's also a cloud version on Switch, and this week's Poll Time was kind of about that.

Then we got Radio Trivia, and we also got a little bit of news at the end of the show RE: Advance Wars and Grand Theft Auto.

Next week, don't forget: we're talking Metroid! Metroid Dread spoilercast and Metroid Prime I Demand You next episode! Don't forget to play 'em before then!

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