Author Topic: Animal Crossing New Horizons Announces Update For First Anniversary  (Read 190 times)

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New reasons to pull out the phone.

With Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrating its first anniversary on Saturday, the ungodly popular title is releasing details of its next update.

Among the features added will be enhancements to the Custom Design edttor: additional slots and a Pro mode will be included. The "Pro" mode will allow for customization of umbrellas, smaller flags, uchiwa, and photo stands. Previously locked to the Able Sisters store, the Custom Design portal will also be available on the in-game phone app.

New seasonal items for April Fool's Day (whoopee cushions - March 26 - April 1) and proms (all April) will be added, and players will receive a 1st anniversary cake once the update is installed. The update will be available Thursday.

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