Author Topic: The Witcher 3 Splitting Into Base Game And Expansions, Different Method For Downloading All Components Coming  (Read 317 times)

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If you don't have as many coins to toss to your Witcher, there will be an alternative.

There are some new options available for purchasing The Witcher 3 on Switch.

Beginning from today, the RPG previously sold as a "Complete Edition" will be split into three separate products: the base game, the Hearts of Stone expansion, and the Blood and Wine expansion. The "Complete Edition" as a single download will be delisted from the eShop in the future, but it will be replaced with a three-download bundle at the same price. Existing owners of the Complete Edition will be credited with owning the new items already.

According to an FAQ posted on the game's website, the cross-save function between Switch and PC will still work so long as the versions have parity with the expansions. The "Complete Edition" will still be available for re-download, though players will need to transfer a Complete Edition save to PC and back before the save will work on a separated edition.

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