Author Topic: New Demo, Hidden Characters Including Bayonetta Revealed For Wonderful 101 Remastered  (Read 324 times)

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Unite with the Umbral Witch.

The Wonderful 101 Remastered now has a new demo and some new characters to go with it.

The demo for the May release includes save carryover to the full game, as well as the ability to use Bayonetta as a Wonder-character from the opening of the game. Transferring save data will unlock the character in the full game, and also include a group of support items.

A new version of the game is also available with a password function: entering UMBRANGIFT will unlock Bayonetta and the items without playing the demo while entering ANGELSLAYERS will unlock Rodin and Jeanne. Five other codes are expected.

The full game is currently 32% off: it was added last Monday with the Black Friday sales and will be on sale until December 13.

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