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Fantasy Strike Goes Free To Play Today
« on: July 21, 2020, 09:57:02 AM »

The serious fighter has a serious discount.

The Switch's attempt to make the hardcore fighting game accessible has gone free to play today.

Fantasy Strike, which released last year as a paid product, has switched to a free model effective today. All of the previously released characters, along with two new ones, will be available to try. Offline and online battles (using the GGPO rollback netcode) are also available.

There are two main packs available as DLC: the US$19.99 "Core Pack" which includes several modes (arcade, local versus, Survival, Boss Rush) and direct challenging, or the $99.99 "Collector's Pack" which has all the Core Pack features and adds an experience doubler, new costumes, an exclusive KO effect, and a Replay Theater. The Replay Theater allows for searching by character or player, and even go frame by frame through matches.

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