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F-Zero GC
« on: January 25, 2003, 05:11:07 AM »
5 fresh new movies direct from the World Hobby Fair in Japan!

Our Japanese Correspondent Bakudan Yoshinoya was on the scene at the World Hobby Fair in Japan, and got some excellent movies of F-Zero GC.  So how fast does F-Zero look?  Check out these movies!  These were shot with a Digital Video camera, and aren't direct feed.  What do you care?  They're F-Zero GC movies!  And they're free.  Word.

The first four movies are all single player game play, and the fifth movie is multiplayer on the big screen!

Don't forget to right click and save these files to your computer.

*You will need Windows Media Player to view these files.

F-Zero GC

Movie 1 (4.1MB Windows Media File)
Movie 2 (2.8MB Windows Media File)
Movie 3 (9.2MB Windows Media File)
Movie 4 (5.6MB Windows Media File)
Movie 5 (1.8MB Windows Media File)

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