Author Topic: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Arrives on Switch this Winter  (Read 461 times)

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There's online multiplayer! But someone still has to carry a bucket.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will arrive on the Nintendo Switch this Winter. Not just a remake of the GameCube classic, the new version of Crystal Chronicles will also add online multiplayer. This is in contrast to the hoops that GameCube players had to jump through for the original due to the requirement for additional Game Boy Advance systems and GBA-GC Transfer cables for each player.

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Bucket, bucket, who's got the bucket?

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So we still aren't throwing in the Wiiware games? I really hope this is a $30 budget game.
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Winter!?! It was announced last winter! Still can't wait to play this with four people. Never reliably got above three players back in the day.
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