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Cake Laboratory (Switch) Review
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:23:00 AM »

Simple and sweet.

Did you ever have the desire to make an umpteenth amount of cakes at one time? And make them with no mess whatsoever? And then stack them on top of each other at physics-defying heights? Ok, maybe this is becoming too specific of a fantasy, but if any of those things appeal to you (or even if they don’t) you’ll probably really enjoy playing Cake Laboratory.

This game gets right to business – you’re a new chef trying to get the Gold Chapeau, and you’re going to do this by stacking cakes. The challenge comes in with the actual stacking function. Disembodied arms holding the cakes move left to right and you must release them at the right moment to build your cake tower. This increases in difficulty by a variety of factors: the size of the cakes, the speed that the arms are moving, and how many cakes you need to stack. Do this fifty rounds over and that golden chef hat is all yours.

Another sweet layer of this game (don’t hurt me pun police; I’m a first time offender I swear) is when you start creating your own cakes that you’ll use to make your towers. You have a variety of sizes and flavors (aka colors) to choose from, followed by the icing layer, and lastly the topping layer. As you pass more levels, more cake stands in your little bakery become available, and you can always replace ones you’ve made if you so desire. Chocolates, fruit, whipped cream of various colors; you can let your creative side soar with these cartoon cake creations. The only downside is there’s no Willy Wonka button to push to make these cakes come to life.

Cake Laboratory is a simple concept, with delightful treats inside. The colors and animation are great to pull younger kids in, and the higher levels require some skilled coordination that will tempt older players to try and beat. While the vibe is pretty similar to a mobile game, the extra bonus of making your cakes adds a fun twist. It’s easy enough for kids to enjoy, with enough harder challenges that an adult won’t be bored. And for the price, it’s a pretty solid game. Plus, you get to live out your fantasy of making all the cakes, and that’s like, a universal desire we all have right?