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Super Hyperactive Ninja (Switch) Review
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:35:00 AM »

Caffeinated ninja attempts speed run.

For this 2D platformer, put aside your decaf and get ready to grind. Super Hyperactive Ninja features more than 50 levels of caffeinated gaming that is not a walk in the park.

The main mechanic is, thematically appropriate, the caffeine. Pick up coffee cups to fill up your life meter, but be careful not to run out or it is game over. Completing most tasks besides running and jumping require the use of caffeine, which boosts you into “hyperactive” mode. This makes you highly volatile, but allows for wall jumping and attacking enemies to pull off some cool tricks.

Sometimes, however, the “hyperactive” mechanic feels overdone. It has to be used so frequently, and is difficult to get used to because it requires a charging time and is difficult to control when you stop. If you run out of caffeine, you die, but dying any other way will eternally allow you to respawn at your last check point, which kind of lessens any tension created by the need for coffee. And if I’m being honest, I almost never ran out of caffeine because the levels are challenging. This means you’re gonna die a couple times on a first run and probably will get to know the level well enough that caffeine won’t even be an issue.

The margin of error in each level is minimal. Sometimes I felt like there was really only one way to complete each level, so it got frustrating to try to perfect each and every scenario. But some people might enjoy that challenge more than I did. You get a rank for each level you complete, which factors in the time you took to complete the level as well as how many tries it took. This gives you a reason to replay levels and can be a fun incentive.

Overall, the design of Super Hyperactive Ninja is fun and engaging, but I think that more could have been done with the caffeine theme to make it feel less generic. The music is good and though the gameplay can be frustrating, people who love a challenge with find Super Hyperactive Ninja to be worth their time.