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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Ships
« on: December 03, 2002, 07:36:46 AM »
Did someone say Shoryuken?


SUNNYVALE, Calif. - December 3, 2002 - Ready? Fight! Capcomâ , the publisher who created the fighting game genre with its monumental Street Fighterâ series, today announced the release of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Game Boyâ Advance video game system. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a direct conversion of the arcade fighting game, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper that was released last year in Japan. Street Fighter Alpha 3 boasts the largest cast in the series, reuniting more than 30 well-known characters from the world famous Street Fighter Universe and adds three new characters from Capcom vs. SNK 2. This Game Boy Advance version also includes special hidden characters made popular in the arcade version and two players can play head-to-head using the link cable. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is rated 'T' for teen audiences by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Street Fighter Alpha 3 gives players a host of new options and brings back the "ism" fighting styles made popular in prior Street Fighter games. From the Street Fighter Alpha series, A-ism lets the player select the general combo system and choose from three different degrees of super combos. From Super Street Fighter II Turbo, players who select an X-ism cannot block in the air but can command one very powerful super combo move. V-ism is an enhanced version of the custom combo system found in Street Fighter Alpha 2, allowing the player to inflict multiple hit damage on opponents with their custom combo. A turbo selection is available prior to a match allowing for lightning speed action. In addition, Street Fighter Alpha 3 offers faster gameplay, more precise control and rapid move reversals, with multiple layers of scrolling.  

Street Fighter Alpha 3 also includes multiple modes of play. The Single mode is a conversion of the arcade version, pitting players against the CPU characters as they proceed through the stages. Survival mode allows gamers to fight against a series of enemies until getting KO'd. Dramatic Battle mode lets players team up with a CPU to fight an enemy. Final Battle mode lets players fight the final boss. In Training mode, players can hone their skills and practice custom combos.  

Street Fighter Alpha 3 brings together Street Fighter favorites Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Sagat, Vega, Cammy, Chun Li, Charlie, Rose, Birdie, Adon, Dan, Akuma, Bison, and Gen. The game also sees the return of Sakura, Ryu's number one teenage fan and Rolento, Sodom, Guy and Cody from the Final Fight series. Three favorites from the famous Street Fighter II series, yoga master Dhalsim, the Russian wrestler Zangief and the electrifying Blanka also join the line-up. From the Super Street Fighter II series are T. Hawk, Dee' Jay and Fei-Long. Karin the arch rival of Sakura and R. Mika a wrestler who idolizes the power of the Russian wrestler Zangief are also included. This Game Boy Advance version unlocks Juli and Juni the all-new mysterious henchmen of Bison and Balrog who were previously hidden characters in the arcade version. Joining the cast from Capcom vs. SNK 2 are Yun, Maki, and Eagle.

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