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Darts Up Review
« on: September 23, 2014, 07:11:01 AM »

It might be the darts game you want, but not the one you need.

Last year, Darts Up 3D launched on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It was a neat game and delivered a fun diversion for parties. With smooth motion controls and download play, this little game played as advertised. However, EnjoyUp Games’ port for the Wii U brings out the flaws which were more subtle on the 3DS.

Darts Up offers four different game modes to play through. There is Classic, where you can play between two and four players and try to score the most points possible. You have X01, in which players try to get to zero in the quickest ways possible. You can even apply real game rules to make the game trickier. In Combo, you try to hit certain target and hit combinations to rack up some massive points. Finally in Arcade mode, you play multiple rounds as try to beat your own personal highscore.

While these modes are fine to play through, I feel that the motion controls do not work as well as on the 3DS. It does get the job done though and you can still get your regular array of singles, doubles and triples. The issue with the control is mostly due to gyroscope syncing. You will need to hold the GamePad at the right angle when you activate it, but it does not take too long to fully grasp. I would have appreciated a faster way to re-sync the gyroscope if needed, because I quickly found myself frustrated when the motion controls were out of sync.

The presentation is not very attractive. You are looking constantly looking on the Wii U GamePad screen to aim for the dartboard, while the television shows said dartboard at various angles. The little characters that walk across the bar on the menu screen are not very well animated and there is just one music track running in the menus over and over. It gets old real fast.

Darts Up is straight up better on the Nintendo 3DS. While you can play Darts on the big screen, you will be mostly looking to the little screen anyway. This makes the experience not as enticing with friends, who will just be looking at the weird angles of the dartboard. The gameplay is still fine and Darts Up's modes are fun, but the presentation suffers from too much repetition. The advantages of the 3DS version give power to the idea of skipping Darts Up on Wii U altogether.