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Commando: Steel Disaster Review
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:10:59 AM »

There's only one disaster here.

Above all else, Commando: Steel Disaster takes precautions to match the style and gameplay of the Metal Slug series. As much is initially obvious from the game's visual style, and immediately confirmed through gameplay. In fact, precautions is far gentler a term than Steel Disaster's abrasive, surprisingly boring imitation job probably warrants. The game does a fairly convincing Metal Slug pose, but can't hold it long, or even well.

Steel Disaster's gameplay comes from the template of Metal Slug, and while shooting, bombing, and slicing through waves of identical enemies as a bandana-wearing commando here can provide sporadic fun, doing so at length becomes a rote and hollow experience (you can only enjoy the exact same enemy death cry so many times, and it's somewhere in the single digits.) The game is purely iterative, adding nothing of interest or value to a formula it manages to emulate only on a surface level, aside from a needless and prohibitive difficulty. 

Though it fails in providing anything new, worthwhile, or even fun, Steel Disaster is at least consistent in volume, generously slopping hordes of enemies into each stage for the player to chew through. If nothing elseā€”and there is little elseā€”the game should satisfy if you want something vaguely familiar to struggle with for a while.