Author Topic: Event Calendar Coming to DSiWare in Japan  (Read 2664 times)

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Event Calendar Coming to DSiWare in Japan
« on: November 29, 2009, 04:08:09 PM »
DSiWare application lets you easily count down to important events.

 Nintendo is bringing a new productivity application to DSiWare in Japan next week.  It is a calendar/event planner application entitled "Nintendo DSi Calendar", and will be released on December 2 at a cost of 200 DSi Points.    

DSi Calendar


The core functionality of the program is to provide a countdown to important events.  Up to 110 events can be added to a user's list, with pre-loaded events including "Graduation Ceremony" and "Pay Day".  Custom events can also be created by users, and sorted by event type.    

The calendar is meant for daily use, giving you a greeting each day and informing you of seasonal events.  It also gives you congratulatory messages on special occasions, such as your birthday.    

Like the recently-released 530 Eco Shooter, Nintendo DSi Calendar was developed by Intelligent Systems.

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