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« on: September 27, 2009, 03:21:55 PM »
NWR goes hands-on with Capcom's newly-announced spiritual puzzler.

 This year's TGS has been relatively low key, but that didn't stop James Charlton and I from visiting a special press-only play session dedicated to Capcom's TGS games. One of the games shown there was the newly-announced Ghost Trick for the Nintendo DS, and I had the chance to test it out.    

Ghost Trick seems to be a puzzle game where the main character, Sissel -- a suave-looking blonde man in a red suit -- has the ability to send his soul out to different objects in the vicinity. To do this, you switch between two different worlds: the spirit world, where you can see clearly what objects in your vicinity you are allowed to possess, and the real world, where you watch the reactions to the objects you've possessed.    

Once you possess an object, you have the option to either move to another object in close proximity or manipulate the object you've possessed. Once you've chosen to manipulate an object, you can switch back to the real world and find out how manipulating that object affects the environment. What action is carried out by the manipulation varies depending on the object. For instance, possessing a guitar and then manipulating it causes it to play a chord, manipulating a suitcase opens it up, and manipulating a deceased person brings him back to life.    

It seems that may be the main object of the game: to transfer your spirit from one object to the next, solving puzzles in order to get closer to a deceased person whom you are trying to resurrect. The story seems to involve Sissel suffering from amnesia and attempting to save other characters who have kicked the bucket, all while trying to recover his memory.    

Directed by the creator of the Ace Attorney series, Ghost Trick has a very crisp visual style with vibrant colors and fluid animation, due to the 3D cel-shaded look used to render characters and objects. While the demo at TGS was incredibly short, the game's visual style, combined with its interesting premise and unique gameplay, indicate that it will be an enjoyable niche title when it is released.

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Re: IMPRESSIONS: Ghost Trick
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 02:38:47 PM »
After recently playing Geist, this game sounds like an extension of that game's concept.  You're possessing items to have an effect on the "real world" in exactly the same way.
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