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« on: June 03, 2009, 03:38:52 AM »
Guinea Pig-Heroes in our Hands!

 Video games based on movies are usually not a good idea, most of the time they are hurriedly thrown together and tossed out on shelves to parents who will buy anything their child demands. Yet, sometimes a title comes out that surprised you, and believe me, today at the Disney booth I was very surprised.    

G-Force is a Disney movie due out at the end of July and follows the story of a group of guinea pigs and their fly friend who are attempting to stop an evil billionaire from taking over the world. G-Force the game is a title that is a combination of puzzle solving, action, and platforming which follows the main character, Darwin the guinea pig, and his sidekick Mooch as they attempt to stop a government plan.    

So I go into the demo expecting cute prancing little guinea pigs and wound upÂ…shooting lasers and using electrical whips against living toasters whose bottom plates split open revealing a smothering hot underbelly and are hell-bent on taking out my characters cute furry butt.    

I was almost beside myself as I was locking onto targets and shooting beams at these enemies which would explode in defeat. Next I was involved in a challenge in which I was required to stop a door with large spikes from constantly smashing together so I could pass.    

The intensity, and challenge level, of this title was almost overwhelming as it wasnÂ’t what I was expecting at all. The graphics took me aback slightly too. The environments themselves didnÂ’t look overly special but the guinea pig himself was perfect! I have four guinea pigs at home and I could barely take my eyes away in amazement because the main character looked and moved exactly like a real guinea pig.    

After playing this title IÂ’m not sure if IÂ’m entirely convinced that it could wind up being a surprise hit, but I will certainly be keeping my eye on it.  G-Force the game will release on July 21 2009 for Wii at an MSRP $49.99.