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THQ SuperStar Challenge
« on: March 29, 2003, 08:58:49 PM »
THQ held the first ever THQ SuperStar Challenge at WWE Fan AXXESS this year, and PGC was there.  Get the results inside!

THQ held the first ever "SuperStar Challenge" at this year's WWE Fan AXXESS event, and it was quite the spectacle.  Yes, it was a PlayStation 2 tournament, but when you get Wrestlers playing games, you have to get the story.

16 WWE SuperStars took on each other in a single elimination tournament, with the winner and runner-up earning cash for their favorite charity.

Many unscheduled surprises took place, inlcuding a couple of last minute replacements managing to battle their way into the Semi-Finals, and in one case, winning the whole tournament.

Competing in the tourney were Shelton Benjamin (of Team Angle), Jaime Noble, Rosey (of Three Minute Warning), Rey Mysterio, Nidia (Tough Enough 1 Winner), Jamal (also of Three Minute Warning), Bubba Ray and D-Von (The Dudley Boys), Sean O'Haire, Shannon Moore, Maven (Tough Enough 1 Winner), Steven Richards, The Hurricane, freestyle rapper John Cena, Christian and Chris Kanyon.

Quickly the tournament turned into a fiasco as Nidia used every trick in the book to advance her way to the Semi-Finals, cheating and getting assists from Brian Kendrick and even a ringer from the video game journalists present to try to secure her place in the Finals.  Eventually, Nidia's tainted win over Shelton Benjamin was disqualified and she was forced to compete on her own, resulting in Nidia losing the Semi-Final match to Benjamin.

Steven Richards managed to wrangle his way into competing against Shelton Benjamin in the Finals, guaranteeing each of them at least $1500 towards their favorite charity.  Richards was picked as the favorite going in, being an avid gamer and self-proclaimed "expert" at SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth.  In an upset victory, Shelton Benjamin managed to score the pinfall on Richards, earning $2500 for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Overall, the tournament was a tremendous success, and everyone had a great time.  Kudos to THQ for providing the game and prize money, and to the WWE for giving the fans a great show.

Make sure to check out our Event Page for THQ's WrestleMania Weekend to see pictures from the tournament!

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