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IMPRESSIONS: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
« on: May 19, 2005, 08:25:05 AM »
Objection!  OVERRULED!

When Capcom announced Phoenix Wright is coming to North America I was surprised.  Now I know why they are doing it!    

This obscure DS game is full of crazy anime humor that cannot be missed.  The demo is very short, but it has goofy characters and over-the-top animations that had me laughing more than once.  The lead is an attorney fresh from the bar exam and starting his first case.  And although he may LOOK like Roger Smith, he doesn't keep his cool. After the briefing on his first case, a murder trial involving his best friend, he appears in the courtroom visibly nervous. He begrudgingly takes advice from his female assistant and a drill test from the judge, where you must select the correct answer to questions about the trial, before he can begin the trial.      

The game will clearly be driven by the crazy folk on the stand and in the prosecution.  The demo only includes the first witness, but it shows a lot of promise.  The lying witness, who does a hilarious butt-jiggle dance, gives his testimony, then the player cross-examines the witness.  This involves selecting a section of the witness's story, then finding contradictory evidence in your briefcase of evidence.    

There was only one round of cross-examination in the demo, but if the game continues its hilarity and introduces more complex cross-examinations involving multiple pieces of evidence later in the game, DS owners looking to play lawyer or watch kooky anime humor should be pleased.

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