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Take your (real) dog shopping!
« on: October 04, 2005, 02:59:38 AM »
HMV will have a special store opening for the UK launch of Nintendogs this Friday at 8am.


Virtual puppy craze hits town!    

You’ve been hearing about it for weeks… well it’s finally here! To celebrate the UK arrival of Nintendogs, the hugely anticipated virtual puppy phenomenon - HMV’s famous mascot Nipper the Jack Russell will be throwing the doors open for the very first time to shoppers AND their dogs! Taking place at HMV’s flagship store - at 150 Oxford Street on Friday 7th October, 8am - the launch of Nintendogs signals the end of a very long wait for shoppers pining for ‘the next big thing for Christmas’.    

On sale across the UK from Friday, gamers, dog lovers and kids alike will be able to get hold of a copy of Nintendogs before anyone else in the country. In addition, the first 50 people (or dogs!) reaching the till will get another free Nintendog from a choice of three breeds plus an exclusive doggy bag including free Nintendogs treats and another free Nintendo DS game!    

The Nintendogs arrival at HMV is the stores’ first ever early morning launch and the first time dogs have been allowed in store - breaking the tradition of midnight store openings to open its doors to pooches across the capital taking their breakfast time walk.    

Tim Ellis, HMV Head of Games, commented: "There's been a real buzz around this release for some time now and many of our stores have been inundated with customer enquiries.  It has wide player appeal, which will make it a perfect gift item and a big seller for us all the way through to Christmas.      

"HMV feels a natural affinity towards this title given that our own company mascot is Nipper the dog.  Call us 'barking mad', but we're really excited about hosting the official Nintendogs UK launch at our Oxford Street Games Department on October 7th, when Nipper will be joined in-store by lots of his canine friends."    

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