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Major League Gaming Announces 2005 Schedule
« on: December 07, 2004, 06:57:20 AM »
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Major League Gaming Unveils Event Schedule For 2005 Season

Professional League For Console Video Game Players,  Now Open To the Public, To Offer $250,000 Throughout Season

New York, NY (December 7, 2004) – Major League Gaming (MLG), the official professional league for console video game players, announced full event details today for its extensive 2005 Season.  With competitive play slated to feature popular franchise games, including Halo 2, TEKKEN® 5 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, MLG professionals and the general public alike will compete for $250,000 throughout the season.

“MLG is thrilled to announce its schedule for the 2005 Season,” said Michael Sepso, chief executive officer of MLG.  “Our inaugural season was a huge success, traveling all across the country with great sponsorships and competitive game play for over $175,000 for our players.  We are committed in 2005 to growing MLG further as it becomes the premier professional console video game league and one of the hottest and fastest growing lifestyle brands in the United States.”

The MLG 2005 Season, beginning January 29-30 in Washington, D.C., will consist of 13 large-scale events.  Nine of the events will be open to the public and divided info East, West and Central Conferences. Participants will have opportunities to compete for cash, prizes and invitations to the league’s Championship Series at the end of the season.  The Championship Series will consist of championships for each of the three Conferences as well as a National Championship to determine the season’s best console game players.  The MLG 2005 Season will see action across the United States, with competitions planned in San Francisco, Houston, Orlando, San Diego, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

For more information on the MLG 2005 Season, including tournament location details, player point system rankings and general tournament rules, please visit the MLG Web site at

About Major League Gaming
Major League Gaming (MLG) is the first nationally organized professional video gaming league.  Founded in 2003, MLG's goal is to raise the profile of professional video gaming to the level of other major pro sports around the world.  MLG runs the largest live event gaming league worldwide, with over 300 competitions planned for its 2005 season.  MLG is also the leading producer of gaming lifestyle-related media properties, including wireless, online, print and television properties.  See for more info and live Web casts of MLG events.