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A Clever Mario Toy For A Weird Halloween

by Neal Ronaghan - October 20, 2020, 5:37 pm EDT
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Jakks Pacific offers a COVID-friendly Halloween toy.

As we get closer to Halloween in America, it still hasn’t hit me how weird this year will be for the holiday. With COVID-19 numbers surging throughout the country, not even the fact that Halloween is on a Saturday this year will prevent it from being limited, dangerous, or non-existent. That’s why Jakks Pacific’s Super Mario Treats at Home Halloween toy set is awesome. Essentially, it’s a Halloween advent calendar that comes with a handful of figurines and accessories as well as a few Halloween postcards, all emphasizing the virtual aspect of this year’s Halloween. In line with that, Jakks Pacific is also working with The Halloween and Costume Association (complete with an interactive COVID risk level map from the Harvard Global Health Institute) to showcase a better, safer way to Halloween in 2020.

I went through the experience of treating this like an advent calendar with my child. He was really into seeing what Mario figure was hiding behind each door of the haunted house. The figures themselves are of decent quality and range from Mario, Luigi, and Peach to Bone Piranha and Boos. Luigi does require an included stand to stay upright and the included Dry Bones fall apart on me after some relatively light play. It’s extremely meta that Dry Bones - the Mario enemy that falls apart and eventually goes back together - is the toy that fell apart. I was able to put Dry Bones back together again, but I do worry that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put Dry Bones back together again somewhere down the line.

A little of a warning to any prospective parents buying this toy: take the plastic tray that all the figures come in out of the box and cut the plastic holding all of them in place. I did that about halfway through after realizing I needed scissors to cut the plastic chains keeping these toys from falling out or being stolen in stores. I understand this might be the most elegant way to package this toy, but it’s something to be wary of when playing with a kid.

The included Halloween invitations are neat as well. 10 are included and can be sent to your child’s friends and family members, inviting them to a virtual Halloween experience. All together, this is a super charming toy that I appreciate as someone who mildly hyperventilates at the thought of going out trick or treating in a busy town and also misses how much fun Halloween was in the past.

Product provided by Jakks Pacific


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