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Everyone Needs A Giant Ninja Kirby Plush

by Neal Ronaghan - September 30, 2020, 12:11 pm EDT
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Maybe more thematically, go for the Sleepy Kirby for bedtime.

Having a kid has made me more cognizant of the important aspects of toys and plush. Mixture in some joyousness with comfort and cuteness and if all goes well, your kid will have a good time with it. When my son lovingly kissed his new Ninja Kirby plush on the head before he went to bed after the sizable comfy behemoth resided in his room for a few days, I knew it was something good. Not every stuffed toy gets that treatment and honestly, I was a little shocked: the Ninja Kirby has the angry Kirby eyes. I had concerns he might be scared, but alas, he wasn’t.

Just Toys has the Kirby license and from what I can gather, they’re putting out good stuff (full disclosure: they sent us a few items from their collection). In addition to the Ninja Kirby (which measures in at about 12”), they also feature large plush for Sword Kirby and Sleepy Kirby. They’re sturdier toys but still soft to hold. I’ve definitely seen squishier characters, but the build here isn’t bad.

In addition to their growing line of plush, Just Toys also has backpack hangers. Sure, the idea of a backpack hanger in our current world might seem weird, but having that little bit of Nintendo swag is fun. The smaller plastic characters on the hangers are well-made, mostly featuring different Kirby forms, including Cutter Kirby, Ice Kirby, and Fire Kirby. Bandana Waddle Dee and Meta Knight also make an appearance in the set, too. If you were to get these in stores, they’d likely be in a blind pack, but you can also order a full series box online if you just want all 10.

Returning to the theme of my kid cuddling with his new Ninja Kirby plush, my tactic with the selection of backpack hangers was to open one with him every few days. Sometimes he’d be super into it and carry the Kirby toy around with him all day. Others, he’d just not care. He’s a toddler. That’s normal. He did have a total meltdown night recently and he held one of the Kirby backpack hangers close. It wound up going into his bed with him, being treated like it was made of a soft material and not hard plastic.

So Just Toys’ Kirby products are kid-tested and parent-approved. They’re cute and comforting, ideal for Kirby fans of all ages.


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