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Lepow 1080p USB Portable Monitor Review

by Steven Green - September 17, 2020, 1:58 pm EDT
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The Switch gets even more portable!

Being able to comfortably game on the go is one of the main benefits of the Nintendo Switch hardware; thus, keeping all options on the table when planning out trips, commutes, or more, is something that those considering it will have at the front of their mind. Considering the Switch’s portable nature, it seems redundant to have a monitor on the market that would allow for connectivity with our favorite little handheld, and even though some of the main features are lost on the system we discuss most, the flexibility of the Lepow 1080p USB Portable Monitor cannot be denied.

Right off the bat, you will notice the monitor’s weight is unbelievably light, making this an ideal option for gaming outside of your normal setup. When considering space in your bag, as well as the limitations that may come from playing games in a hotel room or friend’s house, having a screen that can easily be moved around is a definite plus. Unfortunately, that light weight also comes with the downside of the monitor being a little bit flimsy when paired with its default folding cover that is utilized as its stand as well.

This stand is subpar in the nicest of terms; it regularly collapsed under the light pressure of the screen, meaning that adding some extra form of stand to attempt to keep this monitor upright was necessary. Having even the simple design of the kickstand on the back of the Nintendo Switch works well enough. The Lepow monitor could learn a thing or two, but without a more dedicated stand this monitor feels like you’ll need to rig up a setup for it, which defeats a lot of the simple purpose for it.

On the plus side, the Lepow monitor does have built-in speakers, which is rarely found in monitors at this price point. Obviously necessary for it to be considered your travel monitor, this screen has everything you need in terms of features, even if some of the finer points would benefit from some higher-quality pieces or adjustments.

Another reason the monitor falls short comes in the use of multiple cables to operate it. Using some sort of wireless connection, such as Bluetooth, would make a ton of sense, but USB-C and Mini HDMI cables are necessary for your Nintendo Switch connection. Meaning that you will awkwardly need to dangle these cords over to your already portable Nintendo Switch in order to utilize this bigger screen, which at the end of the day is the only major argument for it in terms of your Nintendo Switch.

Otherwise, this monitor would be ideal for multiple other uses. For anyone trying to game on a console that doesn’t already feature a dedicated screen and speakers, the Lepow monitor can provide gaming on the go. Also, using it for a bigger phone display, or as an additional monitor to your PC setup, are much better uses considering only a single cable needs to be run in those setups versus when using it with gaming hardware. All in all, the Lepow 1080p USB Portable Monitor is an excellent piece of hardware for the gamer looking for a partner for their PS4 or Xbox One, or for the PC enthusiast looking for a light screen to throw into their setup with minimal headaches. For the Nintendo Switch, I can’t recommend the monitor unless you are really looking for those extra inches on the screen, but as an all-around gaming accessory, you won’t find many pieces for under $200 that match what the Lepow monitor can do for you.

Score: 7/10


The lightweight design is incredible considering what all it features.

Built-in speakers are a major plus.

Perfect monitor for the console gamer or as a second monitor in your PC build.


Not really ideal for the Nintendo Switch, considering its already portable nature.

Extra cables needed for use with the Switch make it a clunkier setup.

The stand is flimsy and regularly topples the monitor over, meaning you’ll need to find alternate ways to prop this monitor up.


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