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Are Fibbage XL and Quiplash Worth Standalone Buys on Switch?

by Neal Ronaghan - July 23, 2020, 11:19 am EDT
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As the number of Jackbox games on Switch hovers around double digits, we try to guide you on the latest additions.

I was admittedly a little surprised when I saw Fibbage XL and Quiplash were coming to Nintendo Switch this week. As someone who has been playing Jackbox Party Packs since day one, I always forget that some of these games have origins as standalone releases. Regardless, the big question with these releases is should you buy them even when there are six other Jackbox Party Packs to choose from on Switch.

But first off, here’s a quick overview of why both games are a lot of fun. Fibbage is a novel take on a trivia game, sort of. Anywhere from two to eight players can play and all are given a fun fact or weird bit of trivia with a word or phrase removed. All players have to come up with a believable lie to try to trick others to pick as the right answer. Players get points for tricking players and also points for guessing the correct answer. Quiplash lets three to eight players come up with amusing answers (or “quips”) to questions. Then the answers are put head-to-head against other player’s responses to the same question. I’d venture to say that Fibbage and Quiplash are the best two games in the Jackbox Party Pack era, though they have multiple versions and sequels available.

Fibbage XL actually was a part of the original Jackbox Party Pack, so even if it is now a standalone release on Switch, it’s already available on the system. The new release is $9.99 while the original Jackbox Party Pack is $24.99. However, if I’m being brutally honest, Fibbage XL is like 50% of why the first pack is great. Word Spud and Lie Swatter aren’t memorable. You Don’t Know Jack has better versions. Drawful is a stone-cold classic, though. If you desperately wanted the best of the first Jackbox Party Pack, you could just get Fibbage XL and Drawful 2 (which is available separately on Switch). But here’s also the other thing with Fibbage: later packs have Fibbage 2 (in Jackbox Party Pack 2) and Fibbage 3 (in Jackbox Party Pack 4). Fibbage 3 is the pinnacle of the series, especially with the clever Fibbage: Enough About You bonus game as well. While Fibbage XL is a great game - assuredly the best part of the first Jackbox Party Pack - there are two versions of Fibbage that followed it that are better. If you want Fibbage, get Jackbox Party Pack 4. Though if you want to just keep it simple and only play one game, Fibbage XL is there for you.

Unlike Fibbage XL, Quiplash debuted as a standalone game. It was the result of a 2015 Kickstarter, though about a year after its launch, Quiplash XL came out as a part of Jackbox Party Pack 2. A year later, Quiplash 2 came out as a part of Jackbox Party Pack 3. Quiplash had a very active three-year run. More recently, Quiplash 2 InterLASHional, a variant on the second game that includes multiple languages, came out on PC with a Switch release planned for the future. Speaking of the future, Quiplash 3 will be a part of Jackbox Party Pack 7, which is currently due out later in 2020. Much like Fibbage XL, it’s hard to recommend just buying the standalone version of the game despite the fact that Quiplash is a ton of fun to play. This is a fantastic game, but you are likely better off shelling out a little more money to get Jackbox Party Pack 2 or 3 - or just waiting for Quiplash 3 when it comes with Jackbox Party Pack 7.

Of course, if you just wanted to make it simple and have your Quiplash and your FIbbage in one game on your Switch, just spend $24.99 on Jackbox Party Pack 2, which includes Fibbage 2 and Quiplash XL - the successors to these two standalone releases. Additionally, you get Earwax, Bidiots, and Bomb Corp., which is a nice bonus and worth the $5 of added cost.

At the end of the day, just play yourself some Jackbox. In this age of isolation and quarantine, the ease of accessible online multiplayer in the Jackbox Games is incredible. All you need is one family member to figure out streaming and then somehow teach your parents how to go on Discord or Twitch. That’s not easy, but it sure beats being sad. I’d much rather embarrassingly make a foul-mouthed joke in Quiplash in front of my parents than watch the news. Viva la Jackbox Games.


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