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NWR E3 2019 Games and Prizes Giveaways: Post-E3 Edition!

by Carmine Red - June 14, 2019, 1:00 am PDT
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E3 is over, and we're giving a couple more lucky winners some prizes from our extensive grab bag of goodies!

There's more to E3 excitement than gaming news and announcements, there's also chances to win prizes! In the middle of all the news, demons, and content that NWR will be covering this week, we're alos giving out an entire schedule of prizes throughout the week!

We're having new giveaways and prizes almost every day of the week, so keep on coming back:

  • Pre-E3 Giveaway - Sunday, Monday - Two winners for their choice from our grab bag prizes (at the bottom of this article)
  • E3 Day 1 Giveaway - Tuesday - Two winners for game of their choice from our Switch game prizes (at the bottom of the article, can exchange for grab bag prizes if desired)
  • E3 Day 2 Giveaway - Wednesday - Two winners for game of their choice from our Switch game prizes
  • E3 Day 3 Giveaway - Thursday- Two winners for game of their choice from our Switch game prizes
  • Post-E3 Giveaway - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Two winners for their choice from our grab bag prizes

And also join our NWR discord server to enter an EXTRA prize giveaway everyday on top of the regular ones!

Today's giveaway:

NWR Post-E3 2019 Giveaway!

And join our Discord server for ADDITIONAL giveaway opportunities! Just checked the pinned message in the #general chat!

Switch Game Prizes (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday giveaways only, can be exchanged for Grab Bag Prizes if desired)

  • Blade Strangers (Switch Physical, NA)
  • Labo Kit 01 - Variety Pack (Switch Physical, NA)
  • Labo Kit 02 - Robot (Switch Physical, NA)
  • Wild Guns (Switch Physical, NA)
  • Battle Princess Madeleine (Switch Download Code, NA)
  • Darkside Detectives Season 1 (Switch Download Code, NA)

Grab Bag Prizes (eligible for all giveaways)

Trading/Amiibo Cards

  • PKMN TCG Bright Tide Theme Deck
  • PKMN TCG Hidden Moon Theme Deck
  • PKMN TCG Steel Sun Theme Deck
  • Ultra Pro Card Deck Box Mario + AC Card Packs S1,2


  • Pokemon Sunglasses/Shades - Pokemon Trainer Hat Style
  • Pez Nintendo 2017 Collection Gift Set - Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Yoshi
  • Pez Nintendo 2017 Collection Singles - Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Yoshi
  • 3 Ziparound Pouches - Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos
  • Super Mario Soft Lunchbag

Toys and Puzzles

  • Super Mario Checkers Princess Power Edition
  • Pokemon Johto Puzzle 550 Pc.
  • Zelda Hyrule Map Collector's Puzzle 550 Pc.
  • 4 Inch Villager World of Nintendo Figure
  • 6 Inch Ganon World of Nintendo Figure
  • Pokemon Z-Ring Bracelet + Mini Pikachu Figure
  • Splatoon Splattershot Mini + Ink Refill 2 Pack
  • Tomy Clip 'n Carry Pokeball Set - Pikachu
  • World of Nintendo Mini Playset - Ganon & Hyrule Castle
  • World of Nintendo Mini Playset - Tetra & Ocean
  • Yokai Watch Jibanyan Vinyl 4" Figure (damaged box)
  • Nintendo Labo Customization Decal Set


  • 5 Inch Gothita Plushie
  • 7 Inch "Little Dragon's Cafe" Limited Edition Dragon Plushie
  • 7 Inch Yokai Watch Whisper Plushie


  • Skylanders Super Chargers Starter Pack Wii /w Hammerslam Bowser Amiibo/Skylander
  • Skylanders Super Chargers Starter Pack Wii U /w Turbocharge Donkey Kong Amiibo/Skylander


  • Tri Pack - Splatoon Girl/Boy/Squid Amiibo (Splatoon 1, Series 1)
  • (Box Damaged) Bayonetta P2 Amiibo (Box Has Holes)
  • (Box Damaged) Zelda Guardian Amiibo (Box Has Holes)
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Collection: Blathers, Digby, Isabelle (Summer Outfit), Kapp'n, Kicks, Lottie, Mabel, Resetti, Rover, Tom Nook Amiibo
  • Chibi Robo Amiibo
  • Inkling Boy Amiibo (Splatoon 1, Blue Hair)
  • Ness Amiibo
  • Olimar Amiibo
  • Cloud P2 Amiibo
  • Corrin P2 Amiibo
  • Samus Amiibo
  • Sonic Amiibo
  • Toad Amiibo
  • Zelda Champion - Mipha Amiibo
  • Zelda Champion - Revali Amiibo


Mop it upJune 10, 2019

It's pretty nice of you to do these!

Pre-E3 Giveaway Winners Contacted via e-mail! Congratulations mrbungle523, lvaneede, and Pascal!

LemonadeJune 11, 2019

Awesome, I won. Time to pick something

Congratulations Day 1 winners Nauzet, Brendan, and Bill! You've all been contacted by e-mail!

Congratulations to our Day 2 winners, Connor, Daniel, and Alexandre!

Congrats to our Day 3 winners! Matthew and Sebastian!

Congrats to our Post-E3 Winners! Devin, Tyler, and Juan!

Tweede946June 17, 2019

Awesome, I won on the last day!  I almost didn't enter, so I'm glad I did.

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