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Monster Hunter 4G Tokyo Game Show Booth Tour

by Danny Bivens and James Charlton - September 23, 2014, 6:33 pm EDT
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Our video from TGS is full of New Nintendo 3DS units, companions (a.k.a. booth babes) and all the Monster Hunter you'll ever need.

It kind of goes without saying at this point, but Monster Hunter is a cultural phenomenon here in Japan. Every year at the Tokyo Game Show Capcom puts together an impressive setup that puts almost every other booth at the show to shame. Even though I got a chance to play the the Japanese build of Monster Hunter 4G (Ultimate) on the New Nintendo 3DS in the booth on one of the business days, I wasn’t able to nab any pictures or videos to show off the unique, fun atmosphere that you can experience while being on the show floor. Thanks to James Charlton accompanying me to the show and braving the public days over the weekend, we were able to skip past all of the lines and get another look at the booth. This time we managed to record some footage to bring the experience directly to you! We hope you guys enjoy the video and if you’re ever in Japan for TGS, maybe it’s something that you can look forward to experiencing for yourselves someday!


MASBSeptember 23, 2014

Great video James and Danny! It really did seem to convey the atmosphere. Seemed like a fun place. The mini-interview with the companion was a surprise. Did you know she spoke English or did you ask until you found one that did?

"As you can see, it's absolutely mental." I was thinking the same of your faces as they stood still and the background moved around you! :)

At first, I thought the audio for your voices was bad (to be expected, considering there wasn't a detachable mic), but as it went on (and listening to the first part, a second time), it sounded good and understandable, which is an accomplishment considering the conditions. I guess I just needed to get used to hearing your voices under those circumstances.

Again, good job and thanks.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)September 23, 2014

Thanks for watching it (twice) MASB!
Yeah it was so noisy we were lucky to get any understandable audio out of it.

As for the companion, I asked one of the girls who was the best at English and she told us it was the girl you saw in the interview. Saves time doing subtitles/interpretation.  :D

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