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Nintendo Collectors Journal 11/28/2013

by Justin Berube - November 28, 2013, 9:43 am EST
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A massive amount of merchandise that I'm thankful for.

For those who don’t know, I’m a pretty big Nintendo fanboy. I collect just about anything that says Nintendo on it including games, merchandise, memorabilia, and more. Here I am again taking over the Mariobilia feature for Andrew.

This week I have a massive edition of my Collectors Journal for you all. Everything in this video is from the Nintendo World Store in New York City. I've been going there every now and then over the last few months, and this video shows off all the goods I manage to snag there. Items range from T-shirts, candy, and a massive amount of plush toys.

Also, seeing how it's Thanksgiving today, I would like to say I am very thankful to my friends and family.  So many of them have all helped make my collection what it is today. It is truly something I couldn't have done on my own. Thank you everyone!

Mariobilia logo courtesy of Andrew Brown.

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