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Japan eShop Round-Up (07/24/2013)

by Danny Bivens - July 24, 2013, 10:00 am EDT
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This week is all about communication tools...with a few games mixed in.

The Nintendo 3DS is getting two different communication/sharing applications today in the form of Flipnote Studio 3D from Nintendo and Minna no Oshaberi Chat from The Location Inc. While the latter of the two basically works similarly to Skype (for more on the app, check out our news story), fans have been looking forward to a new version of Flipnote. On top of that, Lego City: Undercover is seeing a release this week for Wii U, the next 3D remake from Sega arrives with 3D Galaxy Force II, and Phoenix Wright’s latest adventure is also available. Oh, and be sure to check out below the latest Chotto Nintendo Direct, which covers Flipnote Studio 3D, and all of the other content that hit the eShop this week:


Downloadable Titles
Ugoku Memochō 3D (Flipnote Studio 3D) - FREE (Worldwide Gallery, 100 yen per month)
Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini Mini Carnival (Minis on the Move) - 1,200 yen
Jet Coaster o Tsukurō! 3D (Coaster Creator 3D) - 800 yen
3D Galaxy Force II - 800 yen
Minna no Oshaberi Chat - 980 yen
Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, retail title) - 5,990 yen
Chibi Debi! 2 - Mahō no Yume Ehon (retail title) - 5,040 yen
Chibi Debi! 2 Mahō no Yume Ehon DEMO - FREE
Boku wa Kōkū Kansei-kan Airport Hero 3D Naha Premium DEMO - FREE

Virtual Console
Hebereke (U-four-ia: The Saga, Famicom) - 500 yen

Wii U

Downloadable Titles
Lego City: Undercover (retail title) - 5,387 yen (from 7/25 to 7/31, then 5,985 yen)
Ryuū ga Gotoku 1&2 HD for Wii U (Yakuza 1&2) DEMO - FREE

Chotto Nintendo Direct - Flipnote Studio 3D

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