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by Danny Bivens, Ty Shughart, and Matt Walker - July 30, 2014, 3:01 am PDT
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Tune in this month to find out what body pillows, Metroid, NFC payments and Mario Kart all have in common.

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Is the heat of the summer getting you down? Pick up your favorite body pillow and cool off with the latest episode of the Famicast! Matt is back this month and in New Business talks about his impressions of Mario Kart 8 while Ty fills us all in on all of the action that went down at EVO. Danny rounds things out with some impressions on a new free puzzle game on the Wii U, Buta (Pig) Medal and delves seriously into 2D Metroid for the first time with the GBA VC release on Wii U, Metroid: Zero Mission. He also breaks down how the newly added NFC payments feature works on the Wii U and how it is (kinda) implemented into Buta Medal.

News is a hodgepodge of goodies as the guys talk about the latest happenings from the Land of the Rising Sun including Dragon Quest X on 3DS, Free Denpa menz, Media Create Sales data and plenty more! This month, we also have a brand new feature from the mind of Ty called Fake or Real. The concept is simple - Ty gives a short description of some wacky, abnormal Japanese game and it is your goal to guess whether or not this craziness is real. Feel free to play along at home, on the train, or while taking a bath!

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Oh, and be sure to tune in to see how you can be the proud owner of the one and only Danny Bivens Body Pillow! Famicast a go-go, baby!

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Trailer

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

Music for this episode of The Famicast is used with permission from 8 Bit Weapon. You can purchase their music and shirts from their website 8bitweapon.com

Additional music for this episode of The Famicast is copyrighted to Nintendo, and is included under fair use protection.


Fatty The HuttJuly 30, 2014

SPOILERS: They're all real. That's my guess anyway. Haven't listened yet.

Fatty! Good to see you again, here, duder! They are very real. You'll have to listen to find out more details!  :P:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode. As always, I'm going to post what music we used in between segments. Some of them might be familiar, but others might not. Feel free to see if you can guess what they are (if that's your bag).

1 - Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode Rock Remix
2 - Street Fighter II - E. Honda Hip Hop Remix
3 - Super Metroid - Upper Brinstar Remix | Prod. by Mean SK (Hip Hop Trap Beat
4 - Initial D Arcade Stage Sega Original Tracks - 22 Sakai
5 - TMNT Tournament Fighters - Studio 6 (Rat King Stage)
6 - Spiderman and the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge Music - Wolverine
7 - Nintendo Remix - Track 12 - Nazo no Murasame Jo (The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Orchestrated)

I also added the Mario Kart Arcade Trailer to the article so you can see what that's all about if you don't have something that plays the enhanced version of the show! Enjoy what's left of the summer, guys!

Aaron BrownAaron R. Brown, Previews EditorJuly 31, 2014

Fake or Real: Vet Simulator. Neutering has never been this fun!

azekeJuly 31, 2014

I was expecting a description of an arcade game where you score points byspanking and putting fingers inside buttholes.

Because it's real too.

S-U-P-E-RTy Shughart, Staff AlumnusAugust 01, 2014

Quote from: azeke

I was expecting a description of an arcade game where you score points byspanking and putting fingers inside buttholes.

Because it's real too.

It crossed my mind but I think too many people have heard of that one.  :zoid:

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