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by Danny Bivens, Daan Koopman, and Ty Shughart - December 29, 2012, 8:10 pm EST
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When a year gives you a ton of games, you play them. Simple as that.

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The final episode of the year is upon us, but as usual, nothing stops the Famicast train to arrive at its next stop! Minoru is tagging out this month, as he is very busy with all sorts of interesting stuff. This brings the two Americans guys and the one European bloke together for some holiday cheers, and interesting discussions on the latest and greatest in Japan.

Danny opens the can, for what we only can describe as a long list of Wii U topics. They start off by discussing Nintendo Joysound Wii Karaoke U, which is application that is directly available to you upon entering the Wii U menu for the first time. Danny talks about his experiences singing Wham's old time classic, Last Christmas, while Daan takes Daft Punk's Digital Love for a spin. They discuss the various options in the product, and tell the audience how cheap the experience is. Is there embarrassing proof of their musical performance? Well, you can always watch this video of Daan singing Digital Love, which is filled with all the awkardness you need.

After that bombshell, Danny continues onward with his Wii U sword in hand and he talks to the others about Monster Hunter 3G HD version. Is he finally sold on the concept of the product, or will he never touch the franchise ever again? Listen in for the final conclusion of this long running hot topic! Finally, Danny wraps up with some Nintendo Land, as Daan asks which games he exactly played and fills in the blanks here and there. Ty follows Danny up with two games of his own: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and ZombiU. He talks about his time with both products, though he is just starting to grasp both of them. If you are interested in some off the cuff impressions and tales of UFO catchers, be sure to tune in for the master of all the swag.

Daan tries to end off New Business on a positive note, though it is mostly contains him being bummed. He will talk about his experiences with Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, as he is a big fan of those sort of games. If you find that fact shocking, you will not see the twist coming where he completely trashes this product. ...We just gave it away, didn't we? Oh well! To keep some positive fighting spirit going, Daan continues to talk about Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, which he has been enjoying a lot over the last few weeks. Though the negative side of him returns, as we start discussing his final moments with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. As much as he excited was a few months back, how saddened he is right now!

The emotional rollercoaster continues as we start digging into the news, where we look into the lastest Media Create sales and make some interesting discoveries. For good measure, we have also some Monster Hunter and Dragon Quests news in there, because Japan. Speaking of Japan, Danny will discuss a very creepy Japanese holiday story to the members of the pod. Daan makes some instant connections to another giftman and makes some very creepy remarks of his own! We end off the show with talking about some of our favourite games of 2012, which include Kiki Trick, Project X Zone, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing and many more!

Grab a glass of classiest champagne supermarkets can provide, and toast on the new year with these friendly folks! From our side, we wish you already a gaming filled 2013, with hopefully some great surprises along the way. Also, all the swag!


LithiumDecember 31, 2012

You guys (or your editor at least) really had a field day with Reggie's broken Japanese XD

The solution to the Vita's problems isn't one game - one game means you can buy it, play it and sell it back to the shops once you're done. See also: Xbox 360 and Blue Dragon.

(Of course, if they make it have three hundred hours worth of gameplay and release new versions every so often, that might keep the game out of the shops. I think Capcom has something that might fit the bihahahaha.)

Do_WhatJanuary 02, 2013

Zwarte Piete is a tragedy and I give a serious side eye to everyone that's cool with it. Shit is out of control racist. White people need to chill out with all that black face.

Do_What, my intent with the "black Santa" of Japan wasn't related to Zwarte Piete in the slightest and didn't know a single thing about it before I looked it up just now. What I was talking about was literally a Santa Claus who instead of having a red suit and white beard, has a black suit and black beard. And he's steals bad children and/or their toys. Boom!

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