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by Danny Bivens, Daan Koopman, Ty Shughart, Matt Walker, and Minoru Yamaizumi - November 30, 2012, 5:35 pm EST
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In this time bending episode, everything ends in flux!

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A brand new console is almost upon us, but who cares about that?! This month is still mostly Nintendo 3DS focused in new business, as we bring you impressions for various titles. Minoru, Daan and Danny have all been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and everyone seems to have their own take on it! How will Minoru enjoy it as a newcomer to the series? Can Daan rekindle his love for the series and has Danny found new interest for Animal Crossing at all? You might as well go and listen to find out!

Elsewhere, Ty got his hands on a shiny new Nintendo 3DS XL, which he gladly tells us about. He even got a game for it! Ty also talks a little bit about Skullgirls and its upcoming Arcade release in Japan. He comes full circle with The Walking Dead, which is certainly not the cheeriest of games. After this, Daan and Danny discuss both Fallblox (Hiku Otsu) and E.X. Troopers, which are some high quality titles for the system. Daan ends it off with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, though he kind of leaves us on a cliffhanger. Who doesn't leave us on hanging on a cliff is Danny, who has been struggling through Assassin's Creed III. Did he get this stabby stabby fix? After we figured that one out, it turns out Danny fell into a plothole (possibly in an Animus, though not confirmed) and comes across Matt. They start gushing Bravely Default, but afterwards fate strips the two apart.

Back in our reality, we head into the news, where the glorious bastards at Nintendo Company Limited have prepared several Nintendo Directs. From Band Brothers to Brain Training, from the infamous Wii U unboxing to discussions about storage solutions, no stone stays untouched. We also discuss the latest Media Create charts, see what is right around the corner and end with a few smaller bits.

In Life in Japan, we get a strange letter from a person from the past. This may totally sound like inception to you, but believe us, we don't make this stuff up! The ghost warns about a grave danger called WaraWara, and wants to us uncover things in depth. Who are we to say no to a challenge? We end off the episode with some listener mail, who asks about the current situation on downloadable games in Japan and around the world. Is the digital revolution close by or is this future safe... for now? Hop into that crazy time traveling car and beware of Wii U, Marty!

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

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This episode makes me want to play Bravely Default. Though maybe not for 90 hours!

When Daan mentioned the Jam with the Band servers being dead, was that meaning nothing new was being uploaded? Because I was able to grab a couple of songs today.

AnGerDecember 06, 2012

I was genuinely surprised to hear that Japan is similar to Germany in the desire to hold on to cash.

SarailDecember 06, 2012

Yeah, I've read in news articles that Japan's population has quite a low credit debt percentage... as in, single digit percentages. That's crazy compared to America, where, as of 2010 census, 78% of consumers carried a credit card - not to say that each and every single one of those people (including myself) are/were in debt. But yeah, that's ridiculous.

TJ SpykeDecember 06, 2012

But more people (80%) own a debit card, which is much smarter.

lostforwordsDecember 09, 2012

This may be the wrong place to post this but I wanted to ask something about Life In Japan. At Christmas time is there Christmas music in shops and on the radio? And if so are there traditional songs played every year like in the UK and (I assume) the US? I assume this will come up next time inadvertantly, but I had the thought the other day and thought you'd be the guys to help.

Keep up the fine podcasting work!

AzagthothDecember 13, 2012

This was a great episode. I too really want to play Bravely Default now.

ResettisCousinDecember 15, 2012

The chemistry in these shows keeps getting better. I give each Famicast a couple listens, sometimes three. Your podcast is a great compliment to 8-4. I'd love a return on location episode in Super Potato or elsewhere (that episode was epic).

And Minoru, your English has been great on the latest episodes.

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