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THQ WrestleMania XX Weekend

World Wrestling Entertainment is calling this year's WrestleMania event "Where It All Begins Again". With good reason, as they are reportedly going to focus on future WWE Superstars and revitalize the company.

THQ managed to update the WrestleMania franchise for the GameCube last year with a much better game engine, outstanding graphics, and a story mode that, well ... didn't live up to the hype. With the core gameplay solidly behind them, will WrestleMania XX prove that the third time's the charm?

Apparently not, as the first bit of information to come from the event is that the new game is going to abandon the "WrestleMania" name, and will be called "WWE: Day of Reckoning".

We should be able to answer many more questions, as the weekend progresses ...

Location New York City
Date 2004-03-11

Product Event Media

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