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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) Hands-on Preview

The latest Smash Bros. experience lives up to its name....

by Bryan Rose - June 28, 2018

Mutant Football League (Switch) Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: Save your quarterbacks....

by Bryan Rose - June 27, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch) Is a Final Flash to the Face

HANDS-ON: It looks like we're heading to a future where you can dunk Gokus wherever you want....

by James Jones - June 20, 2018

Wolfenstein II Takes Nazi Hunting on the Go

HANDS-ON: We went hands-on with Panic Button's latest Switch port....

by James Jones - June 19, 2018

Mugsters Hands-On Preview

HANDS-ON: Don’t blow up the captives....

by Michael Cole - June 19, 2018

Killer Queen Black (Switch) Hands-On

HANDS-ON: The arcade legend strategy, resource management, snail riding title is a chaotic blast on Switch....

by James Jones - June 15, 2018

Bad North (Switch) Hands-On

HANDS-ON: The war against the viking hoard has never been so adorable....

by James Jones - June 14, 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Switch) Hands-On

HANDS-ON: We return to the battlefields of not-Europe at E3....

by James Jones - June 13, 2018

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Switch) Hands-On Impressions

HANDS-ON: SNK had a life before the Neo Geo, and this collection seeks to bring light to it....

by James Jones - June 13, 2018

Gal Metal Hands-on Impressions

HANDS-ON: A bizarre manga presentation, free-form drumming, and classical music collide!...

by Michael Cole - June 13, 2018

Mega Man 11 Looks New, Feels Old

HANDS-ON: We've got fresh impressions of the E3 2018 demo!...

by Jonathan Metts - June 13, 2018

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! (Switch) Hands-On Preview

HANDS-ON: Game Freak's bold new take on what a Pokémon game can be is finally in our hands....

by James Jones - June 12, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hands-on Preview

HANDS-ON: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like more of the same. That is fine....

by - June 12, 2018


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