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Optimism for Animal Crossing in Early 2013 Plummeting

by Neal Ronaghan - October 5, 2012, 8:27 am EDT
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Animal Crossing on 3DS looks like it won't come out in North America and Europe until way more than six months after the Japan release.

Yesterday was an exciting day. We found out about a sequel to Pushmo/Pullblox called Crashmo/Fallblox. Level-5 announced they are bringing some of the Guild 01 games to the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe. European Nintendo fans stepped back from the edge of the cliff as they found out that Paper Mario: Sticker Star is coming out in 2012. Even with how exciting today was, I came away from it worried about one game.

In today's European Nintendo Direct, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Fire Emblem: Awakening were given release windows of Q1 2013 and Q2 2013 respectively. Conspicuously, Animal Crossing was not mentioned. The last we heard about it in a European context was a nebulous 2013 release, and the last time Nintendo of America spoke of it, they labeled it as a "first half of 2013" release. In Japan, Animal Crossing is coming out on November 8, 2012.

In North America, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is set for a Q1 2013 release, much like the European version. Fire Emblem: Awakening is slated for a 2013 release, which is less specific than the Q2 2013 release in Europe.

The fact that Animal Crossing wasn't mentioned in today's forward-looking segment of the European Nintendo Direct doesn't damn it to a later release, but it sure doesn't look promising.

But still, Animal Crossing fans can salivate over the Japanese release, which is about a month away, and features all sorts of zany StreetPass and new features.


geoOctober 05, 2012

Holiday 2013.  It might be ready before that, but Nintendo will release holiday 2013.  The first one wasnt a holiday title, but if I recall, the DS and Wii one were both holiday titles.  Unless nintendo has some megaton game for next holiday, I see this being released then.

xcwarriorOctober 05, 2012

I guess you'll just have to hit reset on one of the other 3 AC games you own and play it again. Doesn't matter which you pick, cause they are all EXACTLY THE SAME.

Owned the Gamecube one, which had Nintendo games to find at least. Now, there's just so little reason to play these. When it comes out, it comes out. They need a Pokemon 3D out before they need this to help sell the 3DS even better.

TJ SpykeOctober 05, 2012

geo, I don't see them holding it back a whole year in the west.

MrPhishfoodOctober 05, 2012

Its a text heavy game with cultural references. They also need to make sure all the characters personalities come over correctly. Plus they need to translate it for 5-6 other European languages.

Quote from: Webmalfunction

Told you so

You might have said that, but the article you wrote about it was waiting to be rewritten for going on two months. :P

LittleIrvesOctober 05, 2012

My wife is going to be none too happy. She's played the Wii game for over a year, nearly every single day, and wanted a 3DS on the prospect of a new AC. In fact, she put it on our registry (just got married) and an old high school friend bought her the purple one! Looks like she'll be playing her used copy of Wild World on her 3DS for some time now.... yes, she's aware she has a problem.

Boo_BusterOctober 05, 2012

I am sure they are in no rush with big titles such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Fire Emblem on the way in early 2013, but I hope they can get this in for next summer.

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