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Summer of Amiibo Week 4

by Carmine Red - July 16, 2015, 12:46 pm EDT
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Did you know that Luigi is Mario's younger brother? Get your trivia right and you could bag a brand new Luigi amiibo! Congratulations to the winner!

Welcome to Week 4 of our Summer of Amiibo giveaway!

Every week we'll run a different contest for a different Amiibo prize. It might be a caption contest. You might need to answer trivia. Or you might need to tune into a podcast for the secret keyword for that week's random drawing! Make sure you check back each week to enter into that week's particular contest, and to get a sneak preview at the Amiibo prizes to come! (Winners of previous weeks of the NWR's Summer of Amiibo event are not eligible for subsequent prizes.)

This week's prize: Luigi! This week's contest: A trivia contest! How well do you really know Nintendo's other plumber?

Send an e-mail with your answers to the following five questions to contest@nintendoworldreport.com with the subject line "Summer of Amiibo Week 4". A winner will be selected at random from the correct entries!

Question 1: If you ranked the four playable characters in Super Mario Bros. 2 (released in Japan as Super Mario USA) by the maximum distance they could jump, what rank would Luigi hold?

Question 2: Mario's love interest is often considered to be Princess Peach. Who is sometimes considered the equivalent love interest for Luigi?

Question 3: In March of what year did Nintendo officially begin their "Year of Luigi" event?

Question 4: In the ill-fated Super Mario Bros. film, Luigi was portrayed by which Hollywood actor?

Question 5: In the game Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd gives Luigi what special cleaning device to serve as his primary weapon and tool throughout the game?

Don't forget to send the e-mail with your answers to contest@nintendoworldreport.com with the subject line "Summer of Amiibo Week 4"!

Full List of Prizes:

  • Week 1: Diddy Kong Amiibo - Trivia Contest!
  • Week 2: Charizard Amiibo - Secret Password on RFN
  • Week 3: Zelda Amiibo - Caption Contest!
  • Week 4: Luigi Amiibo - Trivia Contest!
  • Week 5: Samus Amiibo - ???
  • Week 6: Sonic Amiibo - ???
  • Week 7: ??? - ???
  • Week 8: ??? - ???
  • Week 9: ??? - ???
  • Week 10: ??? - ???
  • Week 11: ??? - ???

Update: Congratulations to the winner! You've been contacted by e-mail!

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