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Episode 315: Circle of the Moon

by Alex de Freitas, Joe DeVader, and Matthew Zawodniak - April 1, 2022, 2:45 am EDT
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A promise is a promise.

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As Konami continues to bring more and more Castlevania games into the modern era (and seemingly doing everything they can to not make a new one), our Castlevania Advance Collection Game Club begins! And strangely, no one was willing to join our hosts to talk about the first ever portable Castlevania title: Circle of the Moon.

This episode was edited by Alex de Freitas.


Order.RSSApril 01, 2022

Lol great opening edit!

Cool Uncle VinceApril 03, 2022

"Why did people like this in 2001 & it got such good Metacritic reciews?"

At the time, I only had Nintendo systems & missed Symphony of the Night.  So I went from the NES/SNES Castlevania games straight to a Metroidvania.  It also had been 7 years since the last major Metroid-style game on a Nintendo system. So Circle of the Moon was amazingly impressive.

I think your criticisms in retrospect make sense.  But at the time, we had very little to compare it to.

LemonadeApril 03, 2022

This game sounds terrible.

Also, the only Castlevania game I have played for any significant time is 3 on the Famicom. I havent been able to complete the first level.

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