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Episode 303: The Best Games of 2021 and Hopefully 2022

by Alex de Freitas, John Rairdin, and Neal Ronaghan - January 7, 2022, 3:04 pm EST
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And then whenever Breath of the Wild 2 actually comes out.

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Editor Alex joins John and Neal to go over their favorite titles of 2021. They take a quick break for listener mail in which Neal makes some digs at Mario Sunshine, John makes some digs at 3D World, and Alex takes a nap. Next they turn their eyes to the future and lay down their hopes for 2022. Will Breath of the Wild 2 actually release? Is Xenoblade 3 somehow more likely despite not yet having been announced? And just how many of these games do John and Neal have financial ties to?

This episode was edited by Alex de Freitas

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