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Episode 166: Reunion Show

by Andy Goergen, Zachary Miller, Nathan Mustafa, and Neal Ronaghan - January 31, 2015, 5:58 pm EST
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The Newscast gang reunites for a jam-packed episode.

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Hello and welcome to episode 166 of Connectivity! We only have one segment for you this week, but it's a doozy.

This week, the original Newscast gang (the show that eventually spawned Connectivity) reunites for a special super-sized show. Neal, Zach, Andy and Nathan discuss recent Nintendo news and a whole bunch of games they've been playing, including Smash Bros., Picross 3D, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mario Kart 8, Far Cry 3, Fantasy Life, Monster Hunter and more. Plus, the crew goes all "old man" and laments the good ol' GameCube days.

We'll be recording our favorite winter/snow/ice level music soon, so be sure to send your submissions in by clicking here. We'll see you next week!

This episode edited by Scott Thompson


Since I suspect someone besides Zach wants to know where "Gainaxing" came from, I direct you to Otaku no Video, a Studio Gainax production with obscene amounts of bouncing female anatomy.

NeifirstFebruary 02, 2015

Good show guys, and count me among those who would like to see you get together on a regular basis; maybe monthly?  That being said, I still just don't understand the complete indifference the staff of NWR has shown toward Mario Kart 8.  And did I hear one of you say you haven't tried the online more than once?  More than HD, more than new courses, I think it's the very well implemented online play that makes the game so much more enjoyable and replayable than past entries, including MK7, since you can have two on your tv at once.

KisakiProjectFebruary 02, 2015

Newscast reunion.  I'm so excited!!!!!!

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