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Episode 85: Make Your Legs Shake

by Justin Baker, Patrick Barnett, Zack Kaplan, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - May 11, 2013, 11:08 am PDT
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Mario, Donkey Kong, Wii U, and lots more on this week's Connectivity.

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Gather 'round kids and let me tell you a story. This is a story about a little podcast called Connectivity. On this week's episode, we've got three segments for you. First up, Neal and 'Trick go over two newly released games, Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. How do they stack up to their counterparts, and are they worth your time? Listen up and find out!

In our second segment, Neal, Lauren, Scott, and Zach grade the Wii U after its first six months on the market. Something tells me somebody is getting a "see me after class" note to take home for their parents to sign.

Finally, we've got a bonus segment at the end of the episode focusing on the Playstation Vita.

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This week's episode edited by Mike Sklens.


MackowlMay 11, 2013

What are the opinions on Mass Effect 3 for Wii U? I like the Idea of a Game that plays off the decisions I make, but jumping right into the final installment of the series is a bummer.

Also my 1st post on NWR, really looking forward to being a part of this community!

Steel DiverZack Kaplan, Associate EditorMay 11, 2013

As someone on the staff who has played Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U I have really liked it. It is my first Mass Effect but it has a digital comic made by the fine folks at Dark Horse that lets you make some decisions and fills you in on the story so far. Also, welcome to NWR! :)

MackowlMay 11, 2013

Thanks alot, My local Gaming store has it for 25$ so I can't say no now!

azekeMay 12, 2013

Noone talks about Tekken on Wii U.

Also nice how Zach's hate towards Nintendo Land is based entirely on negative memories from E3. I am not crazy about the game myself, didn't buy it and probably never will, but i don't go out of my way announcing how awful it is.

Also i would disagree that 3DS launch was better than Wii U's. It didn't even had eShop for like half a year. No eShop, no ambassador games, no Mario Land, no Kid Icarus. All we had for a few first months was a bunch of fighting games ports: SF4, DOA, and a few others.

Compared to this Wii U had spectacular launch: stuff like Mario, Batman, Darksider, ACIII would easily hold you over a month or two.

Also was that a joke or a legitimate slip with "Uncharted: Golden Shower"?

rosarioherreraMay 12, 2013

I didn't hear you guys mention Soul Sacrifice on the Vita discussion.  Its the best game on the system, so I was surprised none of you guys have played it.

bluelanderJustin Baker, AlumnusMay 13, 2013

I don't think any of us have picked it up yet, but it's certainly on my list!

FireponcoalMay 13, 2013

My Vita case of choice is the Nerf one.  Keeps the system very well protected and also keeps me from accidentally brushing the back screen with my hand.  I love my Vita.  It's my current favorite system to be honest.  All the games mentioned are great but being able to play MLB The Show on the go takes the proverbial cake for my playing needs.  Fifa is great as well even with it being slightly gimped compared to its brother title.

FireponcoalMay 13, 2013

Tekken on the Wii U is a top notch title just to add.. Should have been talked about as mentioned above.  Same for Ninja Gaiden 3 to be perfectly honest.

azekeMay 13, 2013

Quote from: Fireponcoal

Tekken on the Wii U is a top notch title just to add..

It's having a sale starting this week in Europe i think.

Check this out, game is great both in single and multiplayer.

FireponcoalMay 13, 2013

The game looks incredible as well.

Lauren, you really shouldn't skip the first two seasons of Cheers. Frasier comes on for a reason, and if you don't see the arc of Sam and Diane's relationship over the first two years you lose the impact of Frasier's arrival.

"Golden Shower" is something the P1Podcast came up with and I adored.

And hey, they asked me why I despised Nintendo Land. I explained in loving detail.

Kytim89May 15, 2013

Lauren has a lovely voice, she should do her own podcast.

azekeMay 15, 2013

Quote from: Halbred

And hey, they asked me why I despised Nintendo Land. I explained in loving detail.

Yes, and the reasons were circumstantial.

It's fine when you say "this game is not for me", or "i don't have my friends at my house often enough to justify Nintendo Land" (that's my own reasoning for not buying it). You're actually talking about the game itself and it's qualities and how they fit or don't fit with you.

But hating it because of bad exposure to it, because of retarded directing of PR event? This bugs me.

llafferMay 17, 2013

To the little Zack who said he's never heard of Y's games before:  Shame on you for not listening to RFN, were they've done a 2-part Retroactive last month on Books 1 and 2. :)

Leo13May 17, 2013

On the podcast you asked which hard drive he had and it turned out he didn't have one. I bought one back before Christmas because I decided to buy NBA 2K13 on the eShop and it's crazy big it's like 25GB.
I checked out Nintendo's Tested Hard Drives
And I picked out this one
It works like a champ.
I have it hidden behind my tv just sitting there since you never have to touch it and I've never had a problem with it.

llafferMay 17, 2013

I bought this hard drive back in June after it was known that the Wii U will use external hard drives when I saw it on sale for $99.  Amazon now sells it for about $120.
Fantom Drives FDD2000U Diamond 2TB External Hard Drive USB 2.0
I've had no issues with it.

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