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Episode 76: Tyler the Fortress 

by Patrick Barnett, Nicholas Bray, Andrew Brown, Tyler Ohlew, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - March 9, 2013, 11:59 am EST
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Neal put us all into a video game! Hurray!

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It's dangerous to go alone, so take this episode of Connectivity with you. It'll keep you warm and safe on the long journey to your next class, or whatever. 

We've got two wonderful segments for you this week. First up is a roundtable segment on Etrian Odyssey 4: Legend of the Titan. After that, Andrew and Nick break down a slew of games coming out soon in Australia.

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This episode edited by Mike Sklens.


Nice EOIV conversation guys. I'm shocked at how different the reception is, compared to how I feel about it.

I'm playing on normal, and I've been digging the challenge and the way that you have to, little by little, uncover the maps. You prepare as hell, leave town, visit the labyrinth, make it a bit farther than before, use the Ariadne Thread as soon as the TP runs low... addictive stuff. The game is at its best when every enemy encounter is potential death for your party, but you have a chance to win. Now that my guys are equipped with good gear and around level 15 in the first area, the game is actually slightly less fun.

I've just now beaten the first area's boss. I think I've played the game for about 9 hours, but that doesn't include the 3 hours of progress I made in the demo.

So you guys have been grinding? I'm trying to figure out why you're so tepid about the game, while I caught the EO bug in a big way. I think that grinding defeats the purpose and could potentially make the game less fun.

I'm not spending hours grinding or anything. It sort of naturally happens as I explore areas and complete quests. I love the feeling of empowerment you get as you go from being terrified of individual battles to kicking the shit out of every comers in a land. Honestly? I don't think I'd have fun with the game if I played more your style, but then again, I don't think our styles are much different outside of Normal/Casual difference, which I'm still unsure of if there is a major difference outside of what happens when you die.

ejamerMarch 11, 2013

Enjoyed the show this week, and the EOIV discussion.  That game is right up my alley, and one that I will certainly be buying eventually - after beating down my backlog a little bit first, hopefully.

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